Resurrection is a sidestory included in the third volume of Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles.

Silvio Orlandi kneels in prayer in a church, contemplating humanity’s sad decline in the world at war with the BETA.

Attached to the European Union Intelligence Corps, 6th Information Bureau, Silvio’s task is to spy on other armies, conducting espionage missions. After identifying organizations or individuals which actions would disrupt the unity of man, they would remove them using force, sometimes lethal force. Thus Silvio considers himself a sinner as well.

In the midst of his prayers, he is interrupted by his fellow agent, Renzo. Renzo knew Silvio since the time he was a young boy at the war orphanage, and had apparently taken care of Silvio like a big brother. They went their own ways, only to meet again at the 6th Information Bureau as fate brought them back together. Renzo cautions Silvio about relying too much on faith, which has Silvio acknowledging that his is not a true belief, since he also believes in evolution and science. However, he still prays for comfort.

Rebirth 02

Silvio Orlandi

Silvio recalls the few memories he has of his childhood, as he was still too young to be aware about the house he stayed in or which town he was in. He can only recall the time when he and his family had to evacuate Northern Italy, and had sought refuge in a church. His earliest memories of his parents were of them praying together with him there. Weeks later, they reached the Southern end of the Italian peninsula, where they hoped to be rescued. However, all the refugees from the island had overwhelmed the transport capacity of the United Nations and European Union forces.
Rebirth 03

Wave good bye, the children cry. Don't look back, it'll all come back.

As the front lines fell back before the BETA onslaught, the decision of last resort was made… priority would be give to the children. Weeping Parents parted from their children, seeing them off, as they screamed and reached back for them. As the children left, their last sight was of the town being torn apart by the BETA.

Silvio’s prayers are in imitation, then remembrance of that time, the last memories he had with his family.

Without official reports, such rumors have propagated among the masses, causing distrust and belief in the existence of a conspiracy, and breaking down trust between the human unions. These theories have been linked with the rumors that biological weapons research based on the similarities in BETA and Humans are conducted in certain countries.

Rebirth 04


Silvio and Renzo talk about the mission. The target is a U.N. unapproved BETA research facility, camouflaged as a E.U. refugee support center, in the African Union. It is also believed to be the origin of the rumors of the U.N. conspiracy theory. Renzo mentions that the African Union was closing one eye at this research operation, or might even be giving it support. When Silvio asks Renzo what he was displeased about removing threats to the human race, Renzo replies that even in the United States and Russia, there were unapproved research being conducted on BETA’s as well, so why are those not considered a problem? Silvio replies that there is an ethical concern about the research being conducted at this facility. Renzo states the possibility that the reason why the operation was promoted to the highest threat level was that there were rumors that the research could be something that might destabilize humanity, and that the research involves symbiosis between extraterrestrial species and living beings: β-brids. The living beings would not be limited to animals, and might even be using refugees as experimental subjects. Renzo questions that though, as there is also the possibility that the research might be to create weapons against the BETA, biological weapons which would target only BETAs. As Silvio debates the point that such use of human lives are inhuman, Renzo refutes his arguments, saying that ethics and faith are useless in the face of extinction, tools used by the gulity to justify the killings of others. Renzo would welcome any means that would cleanse the world of BETAs.

As they argue, Renzo reminds him that they are fighting to regain their motherland, Italy. Silvio stands his ground, firmly stating that any experiment involving the fusion of humans to BETA is just wrong, and the β-hybrid product would be a sin in the eyes of the Lord. Renzo states that his faith was lost long ago, and asks Silvio to look beyond this, at the political ramifications, as the ones who would be at an advantage if this plan were to be successful, would be the U.N. and America, which can then use the situation to claim the rights to ‘protect’ the industry and economies of the African southern hemisphere. This would be done in preparation of the Fifth plan, the aftereffects of which Italy and Eurasia would become an uninhabitable waste land. Silvio replies in understanding, and after Renzo leaves, he considers, that if the ends justify the means, then that would be admitting that the decision to abandon their parents would be right as well.

The mission commences, and the commander of the assault force Delta 1 reports that the objective to secure the data and researchers is a failure. It seems they were slow by a step, as the enemy had been alerted to their movements, and the targets had all been evacuated in advance. Command post gave orders for the destruction of all facilities. However before that order could be acted on, a small group of BETA (Destroyers, Grapplers, Tanks, and some of the smaller breeds) was released from the basement and are swarming the force, and air support is requested. Air support is denied by the CP, stating that as there is a nearby refugee camp, it is impossible to bomb the facilities. Delta team is advised to withdraw to the extraction point at once, with two other teams, Golf and Fenice, supporting their withdrawal.
Rebirth 05

Feh-Nietzsche 1 (Silvio) and Feh-Nietzsche 2 (Renzo) in their F-5E ADV Tornados.

Fenice 1 (Silvio) and Fenice 2 (Renzo) in their F-5E ADV Tornados are to head to the facility to cover Delta team. Silvio orders Nape-of-earth (NOE) flight to the facility, and when Renzo asks if it was certain that the air defense system of the facility was shut down, Silvio replies if that happens, they just have to dodge the missiles. At this point, a large explosion occurs, and CP reports that the walls of the underground holding facility have been destroyed by timed explosives, and all units are to prepare to face larger BETA forces. With Renzo telling Silvio that the strength of a person doesn’t matter, only those who survive must be tough, the two leap into battle.

As the two fight on, Silvio's thoughts are that the operational plan to use a small elite force to do a quick raid and retreat is working against them now, as the BETA numbers are too many. As he shoots down a destroyer, he notices that the are behaving strangely, as if they are ignoring him to move in a single direction. They are heading north, towards the nearest Hive across the Alboran sea, H12 Lyons Hive. As Renzo suggests making use of the BETA’s oversight to retreat, Silvio is more concerned with the refugee camp and three cities that are in the BETA’s projected path. Silvio feels that he would not want to see any more families end up like his, and now that he has the power to fight he should do something about the situation. Silvio raises CP, requesting them to send a warning to the Algerian government to defend their urban areas. CP denies the request however, stating that would reveal their presence to the African Union. Silvio requests for them to go through diplomatic channels, and knowing it would take too much time, Silvio orders Renzo to link up with the other teams at the extraction point, and takes off by himself towards the BETA. Fighting alone, Silvio wonders at the lack of action by the Algerian army and checks with CP. CP reported that the EU diplomatic channels have already passed on the message and he is ordered to withdraw as well.

Refusing to give up, thinking of the hundreds of thousands of lives, he looks for some alternative, and finds it. There is an energy plant in the path of the BETA, which could take out 80% or more of their forces, allowing the people who live in the city and the coastal areas to survive. However the the refugee camps would be in the blast zone. As he agonizes over the decision, a grappler knocks him over. Before the grapplers finish him off, Renzo arrives in time and shoots them off, having ignored orders as well to come back to protect Silvio. Telling Silvio to head to the extraction point, Renzo takes off. Towards the energy plant. He has also seen that it is the only option that can be taken to protect the majority, sacrificing the 40,000 European refugees to save the hundreds of thousand on the coast. As Silvio reminds stunned, unable to accept the sacrifice, Renzo tells him to understand, and to return back, that this is his job. Silvio shouts at him to stop, even as Renzo asks for forgiveness, and fires. “Vanish! Martian Scum!” with his cry, he fires off the last shot, causing the plant to explode. However, the explosion was larger than he expected, causing a chain reaction to occur underground in the reserve tanks, and Renzo’s machine is caught in the explosion. As Silvio screams Renzo’s name, the explosion covers him.

Rebirth 06

Crash and burn.

Coming to, Silvio forces open his damaged TSF’s cockpit, and sees the death bodies of BETAs surrounding it. Blaming himself for the loss of tens of thousands of lives, he stumbles out, and receives a distorted transmission from CP. He hears that the Coastal areas are safe from the BETA, and are finally secured by the army. Thinking back on Renzo’s words, he realizes that he was only seeing what he wanted to see, and so was not able to defend or save anything. Renzo had been able to save more by dirtying his hands. CP then reports that the analysis of Renzo’s TSF shows that he is expected to be KIA. Lamenting at his survival when Renzo had to die, Silvio becomes aware of the sound of mourns from the surroundings.
Rebirth 07

Bad end.

Filled with survivor’s guilt, he grabs the first aid kit in the TSF, and rushes over to where he thought the survivors are, barely aware of his surroundings. Wandering into their midst, he realizes with horror that he has found the surviving refugees… as they were being eaten by soldier class BETAs. Silvio opens up on them with his SMG as he screams, firing until his left arm was bitten off, followed by his left leg. He screams as he is eaten alive. Soon, Silvio blacks out from shock and horror.

Waking up from the memories from several years back, Silvio thinks that it was due to the recent mission in the Sahara desert that caused that trauma to resurface despite hypnosis treatment. He thinks to himself that he had died all those years back, and the current body is just a container for the will of the one who should have survived.

We get a video of the events after the Africa incident, where after being saved from the BETA by the other unit, he was rebuilt using artificial parts according to the Soldier Enhancement Project run by the EU.

His left eye was replaced by a Multi-purpose Optical Sensor, including Starlight Scope, Infrared Vision, Video Recording, Auto-focus, 30x Optical Multiplier, Valid Pixels: 20,000,000 pixels, Facial Recognition System, 3D Video Recording, Image Stabilization. Price: 2,000,000 EUR.

His left arm is replaced with an artificial arm, using a Hyper Ceramic endoskeleton frame, Carbonic Actuators for muscle, and an Artificial Bio-Chemical Protective Skin. It has a grip strength of 350 kilograms of force, and Punching Impulse force of 1.5 tons. Price: 1,500,000 EUR.

Both legs are replaced with artificial limbs of the same specs, with Maximum Vertical Jumping height of 10 meters, and Maximum Instantaneous Speed of 100 kilometers per hour. Price: 1,250,000 x 2.

Silvio enters a meeting with the Bureau Director Goldman. Goldman praises him for a successful mission in the Sudanese strategy, which the EU President apologizes for not being able to thank him in person. Goldman expresses his admiration, since he was a little concerned that Silvio’s past would affect the mission, which was unfounded. Goldman says though Silvio had never failed a mission since that day, that mission might have brought up pass traumas which made him concerned. Silvio thanks him for the concern, and states that he had died that day, and the dead have no emotions, neither fear, or sadness. Silvio considers his survivor as the fate of providing a container for his dead friend. Goldman agrees that he was reborn on that day, which was good, which Silvio replies that for him, it was regrettable. Goldman asks him why, as Silvio can now annihilate the β-brid facilities, which is Silvio’s only wish.

They talk about religion, for which the refugees in North America, Latin America, Oceania, and Africa, holding as their last hope the idea of the Allegiance group submission principle or fundamentalism, supporting that religion firmly. Those countries which have accepted the refugees have strong influences in the UN. Thus there is support by the Allegiance religion for both the creation and acceptance of technologies originating from the BETA. it). As such, the EU is unable to do more than to conduct clandestine inspections, to avoid riots caused by those religious fanatics.

Rebirth 22

Director Goldman.

Getting down to the mission briefing, Silvio is told he will be flying to the Far East, Japan… Yokohama Base, the stronghold of the international secret plan Alternative 4, in other words, the world's foremost research and development facility related to BETA and technologies of BETA origin. Goldman congratulates Silvio on finally having his wishes heard by the Intelligence Headquarters. As Silvio states it is finally time to destroy that plan, Goldman tells him to curb his enthusiasm. If the world’s largest BETA special operations were to collapse then there would be severe negative repurcussions, so they have to tread carefully as they would not be limited to the Alternative Plan.

The EU was not able to penetrate the Yokohama base security net to infiltrate an agent until recently. Silvio takes this as proof that they are trying to conceal something suspicious. However, due to an event, an opening has been made in their impregnable defense from an alternate way. A woman is shown on the screen, standing beside a young girl in front of a truck.

Kouzuki Yuuko, Japanese.
Rebirth 23

The Primary.

World authority on quantum physics and integrated physiology, had advocated causality quantum theory at the age of 16. A true genius.

Doctor Kouzuki had assumed the position of the Executive Officer of the 11th Army in the United Nations Pacific Ocean Division at Yokohama base in the previous year. As the director in charge of the fourth plan, the Executive Officer position is only a cover story. It is said it was her idea to convert the Hive to a base, an idea that most people would not have considered. Goldman calls this the difference a genius has from others. Internally, Silvio agrees that there is indeed something about her. Closely examining her profile, he notes the depths of her glaze, the calm stance, lips in which give the impression of determination, fingers that are delicate and bold…and the chest that can encompass the world. Silvio's inner image is shown, depicting himself as a Hunter.

“If it is that fellow ... staring at that voluptuous chest for countless hours, absorbed for many hours fantasising, the wonderfulness of which I cannot even begin to put into words. I would grade her highly, and should make every effort to build a relationship with the owner of such a chest. So I should put into action the art which I always use... normally…' but against the kind of person who builds a base inside a hive ... it is indeed impossible, even if that chest is as splendid as anything, she is an exception. My gut feeling tells me she is dangerous. All I can do at the moment is to capture the offering of her chest in this still picture.”

Silvio takes a snap shot of her using his new eye. Noticing Silvio deep in his thoughts, Goldman comments that Silvio must like that type, looking disappointed.

Continuing the briefing, Goldman tells Silvio that his mission, should he choose to accept, is to serve as a bodyguard for Dr. Kouzuki. It immediately strikes him that this would place him in close contact with her and allow him to naturally spend time with her. All of this would be in order to gain information of course. However as someone who is used to working in the darkness, he recognizes that she is like a black hole of which we see only the event horizon, a place where no man may tread. Goldman continues, stating that as Dr. Kouzuki is planning to shortly make an important announcement concerning the result of the fourth plan at Yokohama base, many dignataries representing the countries in the United Nations highest echelons would be coming, and as such the presentation is done under the utmost secrecy. When Silvio mentions that it is certainly a wonderful opportunity for infiltration Goldman corrects him, telling him that, surprisingly, it was the Imperial Japanese Ministry of Information which had made the request several weeks ago. As Dr. Kouzuki actively dislikes the stuffy formality of the Military Police, she had insisted on an individual bodyguard instead. Therefore, as someone who has the fighting power of a platoon, he alone is most suited to the job.

Questioning if it is perhaps a trap, Goldman states that is not impossible, as the EU is considered anti-Alternative, which is why the EU promotes other plans which are more stable such as the Prominence Plan. When it comes to anti-BETA tactical combat doctrine, the EU is in direct competition with Japan. As to the question of why they would request cooperation? It was due to the need to keep an eye on an emerging group, who is promoting the advance of the Alternative 5 plan, and would interfere with or even sabotage the fourth plan to have their way. Naturally, the assassination of Dr. Kouzuki can be assumed to be one of their main objectives. As the fifth plan promoted by the United States is the usage of large amounts of Fifth Dimensional Field Effect bombs (G-Bombs) at the strategic level, such as the one tested in actual combat on Yokohama base. While the US intention is to implement the plan before the war reaches the North America, it would be a nightmare for the countries of Eurasia. The massive effect on the ecosystem and environment would be impossible to predict. Needless to say, the birth of the fifth plan would depend on the death of the fourth. On the other hand, the various plans which the EU supports require time. Therefore the fourth plan which has a low expectation of success is the most beneficial to the EU, and must survive. So the enemy of my enemy is my friend is the reasoning behind this. The interest of the fourth plan corresponds with the EU’s interest at this point in time. Also, there would be no objections if an intelligence officer is sent to Yokohama on official duties, and so the investigation of the fourth plan can be fulfilled.

When Silvio remarks that the counter-intelligence system of Yokohama is sure to be strong, Goldman agrees, but remarks that the greatest barrier in infiltrating Yokohama is not a system. There is but one thing that gives Yokohama base it's reputation as a 'Clean Room' and it is referred to as the “Spy Filter”.

An image of what appears to be a girl wearing two protrusions on her head is shown. Silvio’s first impressions of her is to compare her to a stag beetle, to which Goldman says that if anything she looks more like a rabbit.
Rebirth 27

The Spy Filter.

“Indeed ... It can be said somehow that it is closer to a rabbit than a stag beetle to be sure. No, I have no time for that. Eyes as if resigned to everything reflecting neither despair nor hope... The lips closed as if it has lost the language which should be spun. Skin which is so white as to be transparent, as if showing submission without a fight... And the chest, as if declaring goodbye at the end of the world, without an island in sight... If it were him, it would be just right. Personally it is ant like… Indeed, it might not be an ant either, small black and light to the touch… No, I am a container, it is tolerable, if it’s for that guy’s sake…”
is Silvio’s thoughts as he analyses her profile. Looking at his face, Goldman comments that this time it looks like it’s not to his taste, while making a tired face.

Returning to the topic, she is Trista Sestina, number 300 of the sixth generation batch of the artificial Espers designed by Russians for the Alternative Three plan, an ominous inheritance. She is the result of eugenics, genetic engineering, and artificial womb technology. The superhuman that a cornered humanity’s insanity brought forth. Silvio considers that child as the victim of a blasphemous act. She was originally designed for reading the BETA’s ideas directly, after communications with BETA was found to be impossible after all. It is theorized that she can decipher the thought images of others in some undefined way, thus she is the ultimate spy filter. When Silvio expresses doubts since the third plan failed, Goldman reminds him that Dr Kouzuki requisitioned her after all, and seeing the current “Clean Room” state that Yokohama is, it is certain that the abilities are still constant and effective. Silvio questions then how is it possible to guard his thoughts in that case, to which Goldman answers that that is why he is chosen for the duty. Silvio’s brainpan is made from hyper ceramic, which can disrupt her ability. A former Soviet Union researcher for the third plan who defected guarantees this. Therefore she would not be able to receive or see any image from him. Silvio considers the irony, that this prove of sin, the body that has the cross of inhumanity carved on it, is the means to resist another non-human which insanity gave birth to. Using poison to fight poison so to say.

Rebirth 28

Yokohama Base.

They come to the core of the mission. A map of the Yokohama base is shown. The main purpose of the Alternative 4 plan is the gathering of anti-BETA intelligence for the salvation of the human race. To accomplish this, various secondary research and development are furthered on Yokohama base. There is an abandoned field hangar near the base’s exercise area, which is actually a camouflage, with a state-of-the-art research facility which is recently made dozens of meters underground, a suspected β-breed research center, the Goto organization. As Silvio gets a flash back, he recalls information on the Japanese empire homeland defense Army. Biochemistry Research Department - Code name 90 Unit. The legendary BETA research organization. Goldman reminds Silvio that this military installation is under the oversight of the UN’s management, so it is not a conventional mission. The main objective is infiltration and investigation, and sabotage is prohibited. As Silvio protests that the opportunity to infiltrate the base might never come again, Goldman reassures him, stating that they have an informer inside the laboratory who is an important personnel. When questioned on how they got the information without an agent, it was said that it is a issue of resource distribution, where one Esper cannot always observe the thousands of base staff. It is thought that with the complete defense against invasion, they had gradually lowered their guard, especially against higher ranking personnel, who can come and go as they please. Whether the genius was overconfident or prideful, they are only human. Goldman ends the briefing, telling Silvio not to act rashly. The source of the problem might be found, and if this chance is missed, the one who will be most regretful would be Silvio.

The information regarding the mission stages will be encrypted and distributed to him physically, though it increases the risk of the mission by a little, it is within the error margin. Silvio affirms this, thinking that it is dangerous if he who is sneaking holds all the information, in case he gets caught and held for interrogation or his hardware hacked. His first objective is to link up with the locale contact, who would be his support until he can reach the informer. This contact had been infiltrating as a backup team several weeks ago in preparation, with the cover of inspecting the records and documents of past HSST flights. With this final information, Goldman ends the briefing, wishing Silvio success.

The first A-01 briefingEdit

Rebirth 29

Valkyries Team Sept 2001

At Yokohama Base, Yoko is giving a briefing to the Special Task Force A-01 ‘Valkyries”, of the corporate exhibition to the U.N. VIPs. Michiru Isumi asks if there are any questions, which Mitsuki Hayase wonders about how a little girl can be the spy filter that can read the minds of man. She asks if the Vice-Commander is joking. Isumi replies that as she is an ‘inheritance of the third plan’ if they consider what is known of the rumors, then those who know the truth would be confident in her abilities. Hayase expresses disbelieve, calling it ESP and telepathy. Haruka Suzumiya counters that ESP can be thought of as a kind of thought transmission, and Munakata agrees that the TSFs indirect thought feedback controls might be similar in concept. Yuuko confirms that, saying that it is the balance of truth and falsehood, which is critical at this time, as she is looking forward to enjoying the unsettled reactions of the guests who have suspicions and distrust. Munakata comments that Yuuko taste is bad as usual, since although sweeping for nuisances is important this was making it a large scale event. Hayase adds in that since there is accumulated stress, it is only healthy to create an outlet to release it. Yuuko tells Hayase that she heard that, and requests Suzumiya to continue with introducing the key person for the operation.

Rebirth 30

Yuuko, Kasumi, Izumi

Lt Silvio Orlandi is shown on screen, and his background is given, coming from the European Union Intelligence Corps 6th Bureau, Special Service Team ‘Ghost Hound”. Age: Unknown, Career: Unconfirmed. His body is half machine, a Cybreed. Core body, left eye, left arm, both legs are artificial. Isumi comments that the Defense Forces reinforce plan by the E.U. was thought to have been declined. Hayase bounces up, asking if his face is his own or made from plastic surgery, which Suzumiya says its unknown. Hayase comments that he looks like a nice guy, and that he is just like Kazama’s type, which Kazama says she doesn’t think so, although he is not bad looking… Hayase pokes fun at her, saying it suits her refine beauty to go with a handsome foreigner. Akane Suzumiya asks just where does Hayase gets the information for her assumptions, and Isumi says that in short, the one who is most attracted is Hayase. Hayase refutes counters that Isumi was also making eyes at him. Isumi asks what she is talking about, which Hayase says that didn’t her heart go ‘piku!’ at first sight, which has Isumi replying that Hayase is hallucinating and should see a doctor.

Haruka calls the meeting back to order, only to be overridden by Yuuko, who asks, other than Kazama, Hayase and Isumi, who else was captivated by Silvs face. Hayase immediately takes a jab at Munakata, saying she saw her cool façade drop for a moment. Munakata tells not to say nonsense in a calm voice, and Hayase pouts saying she is no fun, with Munakata replying that as Hayase is getting carried away, it is her duty to stop her. Munakata comments that even if the counter-intelligence war is like a game to the Vice-Commander at first glance, it’s still a lethal game, and Hayase sulkily says she doesn’t need a reminder for that. Yuuko asks in a teasing tone if Munakata is anxious about the duty, which she replies that the Valkyries unit is always ready to carry out any duty that the Vice-Commander orders regardless of life. Yuuko lightly acknowledges it, saying they have to move on since they went off track a bit.

Yuuko teases that here is the start of the real game, which has Hayase and everyone surprised and asking what on earth is it about.

Meeting YuukoEdit

Rebirth 31

Silvio Orliandi, Agent Farso

Silvio arrives at Yokohama base, and is given a security pass for guests by a female staff member. He is told that a regular pass would be given to him by the Vice-Commander, after which the guest pass would be made automatically invalid, and can be thrown away. Silvio asks though, if it is ok not to return the pass to her. The staff, captivated by him, changes her mind and requests him to come back to her. Silvio promises to return, which has the staff swooning and promising to wait. She tells him that the pass only provides access for a path to the duty room, and Silvio asks her if she was not going to guide him there with a smothering look. She is made flustered by the request, and mutters in Japanese that with the declining male ratio and the rare chance, but to abandon her duty…
Rebirth 32

Would you... show me...?

Silvio acts confused and asks if she was saying Japanese, to which the staff ashamely apologizes for not being able to guide him, though she truly wishes to. Silvio says that is a shame, but her sincerity to her responsibilities, and that it is his selfishness that has caused her trouble. He asks her for a smile for him to keep in his memories for his lonesome journey to the duty room. He leaves, to the regret of the female staff.

Along the way, he passes many guards and Mechanized infantry, who are wearing the combat variant of the Type-89 Feedback Protector (is it the Hardy Man or Feedback Protector?). Silvio passes them by, thinking that it’s only natural for the gathering of the U.N. top management VIPs. He walks on, observing his surroundings as he walks down the corridor at the B4 level, thinking to himself that the 11th United Nations Pacific area force Yokohama base was more attractive than he imagined.

Rebirth 33

Type-89 Feedback Protector

Though the structure is the same as other places he experienced, the differences in the materials on the walls makes it look brighter and less confining. He wonders if it is a camouflage to hide the dark deeds that are taking place under cover. Here is the location of a Hive, and the Ground-Zero of the G-Bomb explosion, and a place to test for the effects of long term exposure of the after effects on the human body. The chief of the Fourth plan, Doctor Kousuki, voluntarily used her own body as an experimental subject as well. On this ground, inhumane deeds are done over and over again openly. The front of BETA research. He vows to complete this duty.

Rebirth 34

Vixen of Yokohama

Entering the Vice-Commander’s duty room, he is greeted by Yuuko, who calls him Lt Silvio Orlandi, or Falso. Yuuko, although she feels it’s not needed to at this stage, repeats the orders that Silvio’s duty is to defend her for the period of the presentation of the Fourth Plan, and he reassures her that it is understood, calling her Doctor. Yuuko comments that being called ‘Doctor’ does give a better feeling than ‘Vice-Commander’. Silvio’s thoughts were that Rentso would not have called her Vice-Commander, but Doctor instead, and that like him, Yuuko was also someone who disliked the chains of formality. Rentso would have preferred women who did not smell of the military. Deep in thought [A bunny ear pokes up from out of the side of the viewpoint at this point, as Silvio’s gigolo mode theme plays] Silvio, going into his own world, thinks ‘She is indeed beautiful and intelligent, with breasts the volume of which is impossible to feel the pressure off from a mere photo. And cuttingly sharp good looks. Even so, her aura, as if suffocating by the spatial pressure that is emitted out from that chest… Although I have come into contact with many other people of influence, this is still exceptional. Especially the chest… Such an important person, even if searched for in the whole world can be found only rarely. Particularly the chest.’ Silvio takes a quick snap shot.

Rebirth 35

What are you thinking?

Staring at him, Yuuko asks him what is he doing, which Silvio replies with “Nothing”, while thinking that this is a high resolution and closeup photography image, to offer to his friend, to satisfy it as much as he likes. Yuuko mentions that he is staring at her breast as if to burn a hole through. She notices that his complexion is a bit melancholic, and asks if he has a stomach ache. Silvio is flustered that the Doctor called his expression gloomy, which is thought to be attractively cool by others. He also senses a negative tone in her voice. He wonders if his suave looks, which has caused woman to flock to him wherever he goes, might be wrong somewhere fundamentally. He had thought that his attraction formula could be used universally. It must be a Far East Oriental barrier (unknown). It is said that before the BETA invasion there were five ethnicity Spheres where the sense of values is incompatible; Christianity, Islam, the Chinese Bloc, India bloc and - Japan. The original culture formed only in this one country, is the Japanese biggest advantage, and its largest weak point. It is the same for the standard of attraction. He concludes that though it is not essential, care must be taken to prepare for this in future missions.

At this point, Yuuko makes a comment, wondering if those kids are ready. Silvio apologizes for getting lost in thought, though Yuuko says she was doing the same, and tells him that she will be depending on him for this short period of time. Silvio requests permission to review the plans for her protection immediately, which Yuuko gives, stating that following her around is not allowed. When Silvio states that would leave her unprotected, she replies that she wants him to be out of sight as much as possible, since he would stand out. She tells him to just remind within 30 meters. Silvio agrees, thinking that with his enhancements, he can protect her within that distance. Also, it would be convenient for him, allowing more time for investigation of the true face of the Fourth Plan. He would only have to be careful of counter-surveillance. Yuuko adds as well that while she is on this floor, there is no need for protection. When Silvio asks why, she replies that here in the underground is where the security is the strongest since it’s where she is. Silvio queries that as long as she is underground, she is absolutely safe, which she acknowledges, saying that he only has to run over when she calls for him. He thinks that not having any guards around her also removes the chance of an infiltrator among the guards, as well as providing a greater freedom of movement. Wondering out loud that it should not be only out of pride, she replies that there is no such thing. He wonders to himself again if she was being courageous or optimistic, as she does not seem to be conscious that her life is in danger. He feels that it is too convenient that things are falling into place so easily, and that it would not be unthinkable that the mission to investigate the Fourth Plan has been found out. His only choice is to accomplish the guard duty fully until he is trusted. Silvio challenges Yuuko, telling her that although she is a genius, as she has no experience with terrorism, she cannot judge if it is safe.

Rebirth 36

Yoroi Sakon, Troll Extraordiaira

At this point, Silvio notices the edge of a bunny ear that has been popping up with greater regularity. Drawing his gun, he shouts at Yuuko to take cover, and orders the hidden person to come out or he will shoot. He wonders how it had managed to approach without him knowing. Yuuko calmly remains in her chair though, commenting that he finally found out. While he focused on identifying the pair of bunny ear like protrusions, a male voice from a totally different direction sounds out. The voice praises him for begin able to detect his presence. Silvio is thoroughly surprised, spinning around to confront an unknown Japanese man wearing a grey suit with a fedora hat standing in the office. Yuuko questions the man sharply, asking since when was he there, since she did not give him leave to enter the room. The man apologizes, saying that he was lost in her beauty and forgot to greet her. Silvio reminds shocked that he was not able to feel the presence of that man at all. The man comments that she is being cold to him, someone who is desperate to speak with her. He draws close to Silvio, asking his identity, and saying he can see in Silvio an attempt to seduce the rose in the elegant dark world who is Dr Kouzuki. Pointing the gun at the man, Silvio replies that the person who is asking the name should give their name first. The man apologizes, and says that his name is – a secret. Silvio asks him if he wants a 9mm parabellum bullet to the head, to which the man replies that he has no name to give to a person who points a gun and threatens him. While Silvio is nonplussed, the man decides to end his deriding, and introduces himself as Sakon Yoroi, official position Section Chief. As Silvio, thinking that he had heard it somewhere before, repeats the name, Yoroi acts surprised, and commends him on finding out his name by asking a leading question. Silvio coolly states it is the basics of interrogation.

Yuuko loses patience and tells them to take their comedy routine somewhere else, which Yoroi agrees with, telling Silvio to stop it while calling him by his full name. Silvio is shocked again at his knowledge of his name, though it might not be strange considering he has a relationship with Yuuko that allows them to exchange jokes. Silvio apologizes, and puts away his gun. Yuuko, with a suffering tone, asks Yoroi what he wanted now, expressing her wish he would go away. Yoroi laughs it off, saying that he had heard that a Casanova had come to Japan aiming at the Doctor’s heart, so he had rushed over. Yuuko, exasperated, says fine, understood. She then asks if the preparation for that prepared. Yoroi replies of course, that any request by the Doctor is given top priority, so she can ask anything of him. Yuuko says good, then go back, with top priority. Laughing at the jab, he bids her and Silvio goodbye, and calmly leaves.

Yuuko signs, saying every time Yoroi comes she gets tired. Finally Silvio remembers who Yoroi is (with theme song); he from the Empire’s Ministry of Information, known as the “Mystery man of the Empire”. Silvio thinks that the purpose of his appearance was to say, that he is always being watched, and the security of Yokohama can be breached at any time. Although the guard duties were given to the European Union, as the Intelligence agency from the country initiating the Fourth Plan, he is not an enemy of Yuuko. Therefore, he should cooperate with them for his official duties; however his hidden objective would be offensive to them. Therefore he must expect surveillance from Sakon Yoroi, who would be a tough opponent.

Rebirth 37

Kasumi Yashiro

At this point, Yuuko calls out to someone called Yashiro, telling her that she can come out now that the weird person is gone. Silvio is surprised at his first meeting with the girl, recognizing her as the Russian created artificial Esper, with a rabbit motif. Yuuko mentions that he should know of this child, which Silvio says a little bit. Thinking that the human race should never repeat the tragedy that this child bears, he bends down, and greets her. When Yashiro remains silent, Silvio jumps to the conclusion that since the special ability to read minds was given, in compensation the ability for normal conversation was removed. However, Kasumi Yashiro replies, introducing herself. Silvio is relieved that the child was not made to have a dreadful experience, and gives her his best regards, putting on the charm a little, which causes Kasumi to hide behind the Doctor. Yuuko says it looks like he is disliked. Silvio thinks that as the first human being who she cannot read, it is natural that she is afraid. Yuuko comments that it his stiff and formal face which is scary, and advises him to put on a smile. Silvio thinks that is impossible, as it is not permitted to him as long as he breathes.
Rebirth 38


Besides, the child is outside of that guy’s range, so there is no meaning to deepen the relationship if it is not for duties. As Kasumi peaks out from the side of the Doctor, Silvio zooms in on her chest taking a snapshot, and grades it – pitiful. His thoughts are that he is alive only to execute what Rentso would have done, no more. He has no liking for little girls, none at all, he tells himself. What has been photographed cannot be helped, and the time and effort needed to remove it would be risky, if there is no drain on his storage capacity. Yuuko interrupts his monologue, calling him a lolicon, and asking him if he has forgotten his purpose here. Silvio refutes it, while thinking that though he does not fear death, it would be bad if someone were to examine the data in his memory. He wonders why the cybrid plan did not make the specification that the memory data would be deleted upon death. Therefore, he will have to delete the questionable data, for the honor of Rentso, who loved large breasts!

Silvio finalizes the details of the security plan with Yuuko, and as he explains his misgivings about her not even having a mechanized guard nearby, she explained that it is perfectly safe, as people who have access to the levels beneath the 10th floor have been doubly confirmed by her. Taking the conversation to be complete, Yuuko stands up and walks over the the door at the far end of the room, telling Silvio to follow. She wants to introduce the person who would be guiding him during his stay here. Silvio takes this to be someone who would be keeping an eye on him.

Rebirth 39

A-01, Present!

On entering the room, a husky voice greets them. An unbelievable sight greets Silvio. Before his eyes, knee socks with ankle boots, light blue checkered miniskirts, and a heavily modified uniform made to show off the arms and body contours. These are worn by a line of blushing girls: a short brown haired beauty with a slight blush and steady glaze; a strawberry pink long haired girl with braids shyly looking downwards; a energetic girl with blue hair in a ponytail and a board smile; a cool beauty with long green hair and calm looks; a serious looking girl with reddish-brown shoulder length hair, and finally, a girl with short red hair… wearing a Brazilian bikini… Shocked by the exposure, Silvio wonders if this was the Japanese sense of value of the Japanese armed forces… except there was a Brazilian outfit…

Yuuko spits out laughter, to the concern of one of the girls, but she tells them to continue. Silvio wonders just what has happened in Yokohama, as he thought the guide would be a service staff or one of the Defense forces, and those clothes are not the U.N. Type C battle fatigues, though it looks similar. Even if he takes 100 steps back, that was no military uniform. What are these girls doing? Are they the moral corps, here to do a welcome reception song performance for the arriving U.N. VIPs? Silvio questions Yuuko on the irregular uniforms, which she replies that this kind of uniform is the Type A battle fatigues that she developed. With the hot weather, it is cooler like this, and the reduction of materials reduces the cost as well, is her reasoning. Silvio doesn’t buy it, since if new clothes are made, usage of the materials and cost are sure to be increased. Yuuko asks him if he was unsatisfied, stating that she likes this better than something unstylish. Silvio agrees that it is certainly colorful. As the girls salute, he thinks that if this is what Yuuko developed (with the exception of Brazil), he no more doubts that Japan is really isolated from the world culturally. Despite that, he feels that the isolation is great, Japan lives in the future!! Rentso would be in complete agreement. It is difficult to say that the Type C battle fatigues bring out the charm of the woman. Indeed, contrasting with the formal uniform, these gorgeous ones are more attractive. Although the hemline of the skirt is impractical however you look at it, as the costume for the moral corps, it might be acceptable.

Rebirth 40

The Type-A Uniform

Silvio acknowledges that for Yuuko to come up with this she is a real genius. As his glaze on the hemline pasts that of the Brazilian bikini, he quickly looks back, thinking that apart from Brazil, the world is surely to accept the Type-A battle dress, and that the morale on the frontlines would be sure to raise as well. Yuuko gives a small laugh, saying she is glad he likes it, since “how many times was Marimo used until the design was perfected.” Yuuko tells him that one of them would be assigned to be his guide, so please select one. Silvio is shocked, and wonders if this is a U.N. force base or an outrageous shop of an entertainment district?! It is natural to post staff with suitable capability to the duty; therefore this setup… has an outrageous scent to it. In his personnel experience, even if they are said to be moral troops, they look like civilian employees. To be asked to select a woman in a first meeting, is like outraging their modesty and values as a woman. Even Rentso would never permit an act which profanes a woman, is what Silvio feels. Therefore, he cannot choose…

Looking back at Yuuko, she comments that everyone here is excellent, and fit to be his partner, by her guarantee. Even if just a little, for the sake of him who came over from Europe because of Yuuko, they all want to help him. As everyone has the same potential, it is up to his choice who he likes. “A lot of women are… in this for me.” Silvio wonders if he is thinking too much about this. Yuuko tells them that for the time being, let’s have some introductions. So who is first? Everyone reminds silent, creating a heavy atmosphere that Silvio feels. Though he had heard that Japanese women are shy, the pressure is different from that. He wonders if he is compelling them to do something outrageous after all!!

Rebirth 41

Captain Izumi "~Michi~" Michiru

The short brown haired girl steps forward. In an allures husky voice, she speaks:

“Then starting from me…”

“Yo! As expected of the captain.” Yuuko praises her.

<She is a Captain> thinks Silvio.

“I am, the commander of the Special Task Force A-01, alias Valkryies, Captain Izumi Michiru. Nice to meet you, Lieute-nant O-lan-di~” She slowly speaks.

Rebirth 42

Everyone: Ooooooh~!

Everyone makes a sound of admiration for the Captain. The Brazil girl steps up, giving a cheer of encouragement for the Captain.

<Between passion and serenity, no, more like the intersection of uneasiness and confidence? Embarrassed, but bold> thinks Silvio as he records her with his camera eye.

<This is dangerous, this feeling. Worth 10 billion in the virtuous day, and 100 billion at night, is how Rentso would put it…>

Rebirth 43


Silvio slowly pans up from her feet, stopping at her breasts, and zooms in.

<Mu!, I hear it, I can Hear it… the message from the breast at size isn’t everything. Though I agree personally, however! The doctor’s super-dreadnaught class is unforgettable… The captain’s weight class is user friendly, which literally fits in the hand! Perhaps Rentso would also give the same or higher score… >

Interrupting his inner thoughts, Isumi continues

“Please, call me ‘Michi’, run~ run~”

“W-what?” A stunned Silvio gasps.

<Third defense line breached!!!>

Rebirth 44

Yuuko giggling: Pftttt~

Yuuko bursts out with a giggle.

“Huh?... What?” A confused Isumi queries.

“Captain… that’s…” the blue haired female officer answers.

“…Was that, different?... did I went too far?”

“Rather than overdoing it…”

An embarrassedly blushing captain falls to her knees.

“…Ah… That…” She gets up. “ T-that, Lt Orlandi, this is…”

“I understand… it is ok, don’t worry” Silvio gentlemanly replies.


“That level of eccentricity, doesn’t cloud your charm at all.”


“Thank you very much. I have learnt much about the profoundness of the Japanese Culture from you.”

“Thank you… that… makes me happy.” Isumi replies with a strained smile.

<That, was like a kick to the head from behind… The differences of the Japanese culture from the culture of those in Christian lands, it is defiantly more than meets the eye…>

“So Isumi has withdrawn already.” Yuuko mutters. “Then, next, Suzumiya Elder!”

Rebirth 45

Suzumiya Elder

“Ei? Ah, yes!” The girl with long strawberry hair and braids replies.

Taking a step forward, she stands trembling in front of Silvio. She gives him the impression of someone who is quiet and introverted, despite the colorful clothing.

<Certainly, she doesn’t seem to be the type to be energetic. Indeed, she has an strained atmosphere around her>

Finally steadying herself, she looks up at him.

“I am, Suzumiya Haruka, a lieutenant serving as the Command Post officer. My best regards to you, Silvio-kun~” She says in a throbbing voice.

Rebirth 46

More Ooooohs~!

Everyone makes an “oooh~” of appreciation for Haruka. Brazil steps up as well, with cheers.

“I have been looking at you, for a long, long time, before now. Therefore, as today is Spaghetti day, is tomato sauce good?”

“… eh?...” Silvio wonders if this person is ok…

“Hey, Silvio-kun, would you like to do, a spell?”

Everyone “oooh”s at her boldness, with Brazil.

<Mu… being this direct is uncomfortable… I am concerned about her.> Silvio thinks. <The instinct to protect is stimulated dangerously, though I sense her inner strength.>

Looking her up, he focuses on her chest. [REC] <The personal opinion is that it still needs another size more… though modest, it is strangely attractive, like the ower.>

“In the night sky where stars twinkle, the laughter of two people echoes out loud… If the stars were to be parted, it would be tragic for the two…” She recites.

Brazil praises her loudly, going “Awesome!”

“S-Stop it… if you say it like that, i-it’s embarrassing…” Haruka shyly tells her.

“What are you saying now, you did it Haruka, you scary child.” The blue haired officer tells her.

“This one might be the first to be kept.” Yuuko mutters. “Next, Hayase!”

Rebirth 47

Hayase Mitsuki, danger girl

“YES MOM!” The blue haired girl with a pony tail salutes.

She seems to be a rather forward woman, thought Silvio.

“Nice to meet you, lieutenant Silvio~. I am Hayase Mistuki, a Lt like you. Such a coincidence, don’t you feel its fate~?” Hayase introduces herself with a sultry voice, coming in close to Silvio. Brazil cheers her.

Sliding up to Silvio, Hayase presses her breast to his arm.

“Ara ara, I’m sooorry. I was just soo excited to meet you. By the way, I’m quite confident in my body as well~” Hayase says into Silvio’s ear.

Rebirth 48


Everyone “oooh”s at Mitsuki’s daringness. “T-that’s a bit…” says Brazil.

“I-Is that so… however, I would like a little space if possible.” Is Silvio’s reply.

Looking down, he examines her chest [REC]. <A good chest, certainly.> He gives his judgment. <Of just the right size, elasticity, worth rubbing and holding. If it were him, he would already be rubbing them. He is the type of fool to say it is a man’s instinct to rub it if there are breasts. However it is regretful, this aggressiveness, though the impression was given of a healthy beauty, the sex appeal is low.>

“Well, What’s wrong Silvio? You don’t seem excited?”

“Is that so? No, there is no problem.”

“Mo~, Come on, be more energetic. Don’t-re-sist. 3, 2, 1, right! Hustle hustle!” bubbles Hayase as she tries to engage Silvio.


“Come on, be more energetic. Be Excited!… or something. Ahh, I thought you were too quiet, is it because somewhere else has become energetic? Where are you looking already, pervert~”

“Uwaah… Lt Hayase, that’s indecent…” Brazil mutters.

<… She would be beautiful and dignified, if she were silent… Lieutenant Hayase, it is regrettable.> Is Silvio’s judgement.

“Hmph…” Yuuko sighs.

“W-what?” Silvio inquires.

“Ahh… Nothing” replies Yuuko with a displeased face. “Then, who next… How about you Kazama?”

Rebirth 49

Kazama Touko, Wicked Witch of the East

The Girl with long green hair steps forth. Smiling at Silvio, she greets him in a normal tone of voice.

“Nice to meet you, Lieutenant Orlandi. I am Second Lieutenant Kazama Touko. Please call me Touko.”

“Wai-!” Exclaims Mitsuki.

Silvio looks at Touko, having finally found someone normal.

“Wha-“ Exclaims Isumi.

Brazil cheers Touko.

<Fumu… she might be an example of a Japanese Beauty> thinks Silvio. <It is my first time meeting such a person. Of course, it might be so for him as well. I should be proud to have this kind of experience.>

“My best regards as well, Second Lieutenant Kazama. The Second Lieutenant, is pretty.”

“Mah, you flatter me…” Touko replies with a smile.

“No, I mean it sincerely” Silvio replies.

Scanning her chest, he records everything. <With her, I must ensure everything is recorded. To deal with her, is difficult indeed. I must prepare countermeasures immediately. Previously, that guy was inexperienced with many situations. In every case, I pondered the problem, and came up with a plan, which was taught to him. However, we had never come across a woman like this before…>

“This is the first time I have spoken to a woman with the Oriental charm like the 2nd Lt.” Says Silvio.

<While she has the feel like a graceful, fragile doll, in that blossom a little devil smiles.>

“Please forgive my lack of eloquence. I only say that you are lovely” He continues.

“I am glad with just you compliment, ah~” Touko replies, holding a hand to her cheek.

Sneaking up behind her, Hayase whispers into Touko’s ear.

“Hey Kazama! why are you behaving normally! You need to be more sexy ok?”

“No no, I am trying my best to be sexy, as much as I can.” Touko replies.

“This innocent facade… it’s even blacker than Haruka’s.” States Hayase.

“Mitsuki… that’s terrible…” Haruka says.

“Silvio, Is she to your liking? Is Kazama good enough?” Yuuko asks him with a smirk.

“…It is not possible right now. I need more time.” Silvio declines.

“Hah?” Yuuko says with a frown.

“Of course, I truly think second lieutenant Kazama is lovely. That is no lie.” Silvio answers. “However, there is no rationale to my consideration. Therefore an immediate answer is difficult.”

<My friend, if it where you, what would you have done? What should I do?> Silvio ponders.

“Though I don't get you, let’s move on to the next one then? Munakata!” Yuuko calls.

The shoulder length brown haired girl steps forward. She has a fixed, almost annoyed expression on her face. Silvio is shocked at his first real look at her, as if he were struck by lightning.

Rebirth 51a

Munakata Misae, Cold beauty. Before picture

“Lieutenant Munakata Misae, nice to meet you.” Misae says in a blunt tone.

Silvio is struck speechless.

“Wha-… Lt Munakata, please come here for a moment.” Captain Isumi calls Misae aside.

“Excuse me.” Misae goes over with Isumi to a corner.

<Beautiful…> Thinks Silvio, captivated by her. <Such a sense of mystery surrounding her>

He plays back the brief recording of her voice again, and again, analyzing her in depth.

<Eyes with deep color that was fraught with sorrow, the lips which pleas but given only loneliness. Reaching out with her finger for love… Rejecting but yearning, will whoever holds out a hand to her shake with the thoughts of uncertain antinomy? Friend, there is no other. To be together, there can be non-other than her!> Contemplates Sivlio, riveted by strong emotions.

Rebirth 51b

Cold Beauty, all warmed up. After picture

“Lieutenant… Silvio Orlandi?” An alluring voice intrudes on his monologue.

Cancelling the replay, a gently smiling Misae appears before him, giving him a start.

“I’m sorry for just now… I was… a little annoyed…” She apologizes in a gentle tone.

“Were you angry?” asks Silvio.

“While second Lieutenant Kazama is certainly attractive, you never said a word in my case … ah ha, I wonder why?” Misae gently complaints to Silvio.

Rebirth 50


“Oooohh” goes everyone at the sudden change. Brazil praises her.

“Eh! is that so! I am very sorry… please forgive me.” Silvio apologizes in a state of confusion.

<To cause a lady to become filled with jealousy, I am still immature! Forgive me my friend!> Thinks Silvio with remorse.

“Munakata! Being honest with yourself is Great!” Hayase exclaims.

“That’s right. You can do it if you try!” Isumi adds.

“Lieutenant, that was somewhat… cool…” praises Brazil.

Yuuko makes a hrmp of approval with a slight smile.

“Yashiro?” she mummers an inquiry to the young esper.

“There is no mistake.” Kasumi replies. Yuuko narrows her eyes with a slight smirk.

“Then…shall we continue with the next?” She asks of Silvio.

“Yes! I am–“ Brazil begins.

“No, there is no need to spend any more time. That everyone is capable, I understand that now.” Silvio cuts in, interrupting her introduction.

“Is that so?” says Yuuko.

Rebirth 52a Cheers!

Sorry Brazil, you are too bizarre.

“Ehhhh!!?” Brazil exclaims with an upset expression.

“Then, who do you want as a guide, choose and let me know now.”

“Why… Just what was I doing this for…” moans Brazil sadly.

“It is a harsh tale, to be told to choose just one rose from this garden of flowers. There is no comparison of superiority in the beauty of the flowers.” Silvio begins.

“Ah, that’s enough, finish it chop chop would you?” Yuuko cuts him off with an annoyed look.

“… Though there are few differences, if I were to forcibly make a choice –“continues Silvio as he cuts the flowery talk.

“Please guide me, Lieutenant Munakata…” he states, looking straight at her.

Rebirth 51


“What!?” exclaims a surprised Misae, with a shaken look.

“Sooo, its Munakata ~” Yuuko gives a small smile.

<In all my duties till now, though I have met many women… she…> Silvio feels in his heart.

“That’s fine, it’s your choice after all. Munakata, that’s the situation. I’m counting on you~”

“…Understood” Misae responds heavily.

“Sorry, I’ll be counting on you.”

“Yes…” She recovers.

“Then Munakata, please guide him to his room. Everyone else will attend an evaluation meeting now.” Orders Yuuko.

“Roger!” replies everyone in the Valkryies.

“Evaluation meeting?” Silvio inquires.

“ It’s nothing… then shall we?” Munakata says, inviting Silvio out of the room.

“Ah… then I’ll take my leave.”

“Munakata~ Do your best yo~” Hayase teases Misae.

“- Kuh!?” Misae groans.

“- Mitsuki” admonishes Haruka. “Lieutenant Munakata, Do your best!”

“Misae, do your best!” encourages Touko as well, as Misae and Silvio leaves.

The Guide

Rebirth 52b Cheers!

Time to relax...

Misae brings Silvio to his room, and while Silvio is contemplating checking for bugs, Misae, who has closed the door, pushes him down on the bed. As Silvio wonders if Japanese women are actually more passionate than woman in Italy despite what he heard about them being graceful and modest, Misae, telling him to be quiet, brings herself closer to him, her eyes wonders over the room. Silvio contemplates that this is the shortest record for love to bloom for him. She tells him not to move, whispering in his ear. As his shirt is pulled over his eyes, he hears Misae exclaim “Oh! Mo~ Lt Orlandi, so forceful. Is that Italian passion?” As he wonders whats going on, Misae continues as she pats him down: “However, it is regrettable; I am an old fashioned woman. The proper steps must be taken first.” Searching the bed as well, she tells him to be quiet, having found a spy bug in the pillow. She tells him to quickly sweep the room as well.

Rebirth 52c Cheers!

...or maybe not. Time to score!

Having swept the room of monitoring devices, Silvio questions Misae. Misae tells him that she is the local agent belonging to the European Union information army, and his collaborator. As Silvio expresses his confusion to hide his suspicion, she provides him with the contact sign and counter-sign proving she is the real contact. Silvio expresses surprise that it was a coincidence that she was chosen to be his guide, which Misae agrees. She tells him that the investigation into the Goto Organization had reached a road-block, and though there are two or more other agents, each have different instructions and goals, and do not know more than their own. She askes him if he has more information, since her only instructions were to contact him. Silvio says he does not know, and another agent should have the details. Both are aware that this compartmentalizing is to prevent leakage of information should one be captured. Misae says the bug is most likely from Yuko, who would not be so careless to accept an EU bodyguard without a private agenda. However, she would not have thought of them having a secondary agent behind the first.

Rebirth 52d

Nah, she just wants to talk...damn

Silvio asks her then how she avoids the risk of the ‘spy filter’, to which Misae replies she uses the practice of the ‘Zen’ state of mind combined with Yoga to create an abstract state of mind. A special element and chip had been woven into their shoulder sleeve insignia as well. Silvio asks her what her current mission is, which Misae replies its to contact the informant from Goto Organization, and give them protection in exchange for information. The reason for the deflection is thought to be due to the fact that the Goto Org is the front for β-breed research. As he ponders the need to ask the informer to remind to gather more information, Misae says she does not know who or what the informer looks like. They only know that Silvio is to make contact at a certain location. When Silvio asks Misae to take him to the hidden laboratory to make contact, somewhere in the ruins, she looked surprised, saying that it might still be impossible to reach the lab even if they go there. Since it had a reputation for evil spirits, many have gone there, but found nothing. In any case, the informer had set the meeting point around here, and if the conditions are not met the path would not appear. When Silvio asks what the conditions are, Misae says that they have not gotten the contact yet, and cautions him to patience. Silvio thanks her for that, since hearing the β-breed had made him impatient. Misae says goodbye as staying any longer would be suspicious, and Silvio puts the moves on her, telling her that her eyes are like the reflection of the moon goddess Artemis, which a blushing Misae replies the goddess might be Hecate instead, and might destroy him, but Silvio says he does not mind if the destroyer is her. Misae pulls back, saying she will guide him later.

The TapeEdit

Rebirth 52e

Nope, no Tape CG at all. It is a troll.

Silvio returns the bug to its place. He finds a small tape-recorder in the blind spot of the lampshade, and thinking it belongs to another agent, plays it. A man’s voice greets him, saying he is pleased that the tape reached him safely. It is a familiar voice, and one that seems to know his name. It states that here is the latest information for his mission to collect information on the enemy of the human race, the cruel, traitorous vixen of Yokohama, that Satan, the Mad Scientist Kouzuki Yuuko. Silvio wonders if the person has a grudge against the doctor, at which point the voice on tape tells him that personal opinion is not involved. Saying that is a lie, the tape replies that not a lie. Shocked, Silvio jumps up and looks around the room. Having felt no presence, he wonders if he is being heard from a bug, but the previous one is being muffered in his hand and should not be active. The tape continues after the pause, asking if he had settled down yet, and stated that this was a joke based on predicting his reactions and recording down the responses. It says his reactions are too simple and predictable. As Silvio increased his grip on the recorder, the tape tells him not to handle it roughly due to anger, and that the person who listens through to the last would receive a nice present… maybe.

As the frustrated Silvio contemplates throwing the recorder against the wall, the tape plays the mission briefing, confirming it is to annihilate the inhumane β-breed research. The key is the informer who was employed by the Goto Org, but now she wished to leave. Silvio questions out loud that the informant is a woman. The tape tells him that that’s right, and she is a very beautiful woman as well. Jumping up again, he questions if he is being seen from somewhere. The tape denies it, repeating that he is all too predictable. The tape continues, saying though it is a lost of a valuable asset, they are accepting her decision, and recovering her knowledge as well. The tape tells him to collect four keys, sneak into the laboratory, and reach the informer. The keys are hidden in 4-line poetries given by the informant, and only after getting the 4 keys will the entrance be open. Silvio acknowledges the difficulty of solving the 4 codes in the time limit, wondering if he can do it. The tape tells him not to be stressed. Silvio asks the room where is he spying on him from! and stops the tape. No more sound is heard, and Silvio thinks that it was really recorded. He continues the playback, and the tape scolds him for suddenly stopping it. Silvio says the prediction and timing of his behavior is too perfect. The tape laughs, saying that is so. Silvio replies that the capabilities is shown carelessly though.

The tape continues, saying it will play the 4-line poetry now and asks him to get ready.

“In the ground where the flame of the roots of life is borne,

When the mistress’s grief changes to silence, I do not appear.”

Rebirth 52 Cheers! a

Cheers! (Censored)

Silvio states that it is short by one or two lines. The tape replies that those who worry about the details cannot make it big in life. As Silvio questions it, the tape says that it forgot to mention, that once it has been played, the tape will self-destruct manually. Silvio asks about manually, which the tape instructs him to cut it into pieces of 3mm or less, to present difficulties in restoration. Silvio questions if it is natural to cut it himself, which the tape says its trust in him. With the first part of the puzzle in his hands, it bids him good luck, and that it will see him again once he has the first key. Silvio asks about the missing lines, and the present, but the tape is silent. He turns it off at last.

(Edit: For those who haven’t heard this part, the voice is non-other than Yoroi Sakon, and these parts are commonly known as the Troll-Sakon Tapes.)

Walking the grounds/ The first keyEdit

Silvio meets up with Misae and tells her the instructions he received. He shares the poetry that he got, which she asks about the 2 missing lines. They both try to interpret the lines. Silvio thought that “roots of life” refers to the base reactor core, and “mistress” refers to Yuuko, and came up with blowing up the reactor to murder Yuuko, which Misae shoots down immediately. Misae tells him that it is more likely that “roots of life” is related to the human instinct. Misae says it is it is “Appetite”, while Silvio says “Sex”. As a cold wind blows, Silvio explains his reasoning, which Misae tells him to stop, telling him that the female Sergeant Major in charge of the PX (Post Exchange / cafeteria found on army bases) in Yokohama base is the “Mistress” in reference, and the most suitable person (being in charge of the food). In any case, it fits her task of guiding him around the facilities.

Rebirth 53a

The PX

Rebirth 53c

And the PX security. No wastage allowed.

As they ascended to the ground floor, Silvio remarks at the change in the design of the upper part of the base, which Misae explains is because this is the Eishi training school portion of the facilities, which the nearest PX is located. Walking through, they are stopped by one of the mechanized guards, who is suspicious at Misae’s dress. Giving her verification, the guard apologises profusely, and tells her the Type A battledress suits her. They comment on the presence of guards at every location, even in the PX. Reaching the PX, Silvio wonders at the heat, which Misae tells him that it looks like the air-conditioning had broken down. As Misae points out the “Mistress”, Kasumi
Rebirth 53b

Finish your carrots

wonders in to get her food, and is given lots of carrots (which she doesn’t want) by the Sgt Maj. Misae introduces her as Sgt Maj Kyojuka Rinji, which Silvio agrees fit the role of the “Mistress”
Rebirth 53


, and askes if that was Yashiro… Misae continues, saying that her food is good enough that important people on base come over. Silvio wants to ask her about the code, but Misae cautions him to be patient, and suggests having lunch, to avoid the lunch time crowd later, recommending the Synthetic Miso Saba set, which is the specialty and a rarity. She tells him to observe the area and gets the food for them. Silvio, having heard that the Japanese have a way of cooking Synthetic food to make it taste good, tries the fish, and goes into a loud and detailed spiel of how good it tastes, shocking Misae with his eloquence, and causing everyone to look at them. Misae says they can go thank the Sgt Maj in person later, and tells him to calm down, and Silvio happily enjoys his meal.

Rebirth 54

Lunch date

He feels a sudden pressure though, and looking to the side, sees
Rebirth 57

Suck on my lolipop

Mitsuki and Haruka of A-01 force approach. They talk about the heat, and Mitsuki pulls out her secret weapon, an ice-popsicle. Misae mumbles under her breath why haven’t the two returned to base yet. Silvio having heard that, asks about it, which causes Misae to be flustered. Before he can continue, they see Mitsuki start to feed Haruka the popsicle, making suggestive motions and noises.
Rebirth 60

What you looking at?

As Silvio wonders at their shameless way of eating (while RECording it), Misae stands shocked. Mitsuki continues, telling Haruka to say her Ice-Candy is the best, which Haruka complies while making seducing sounds. While Silvio wonders how he should take the situation, Mitsuki looks over at Misae with a challenging glare. Pretending to just see them, Mitsuki and Haruka come over, with Mitsuki giving a fake greeting. They offer them some popsicles as well, which Misae thanks them for. Mitsuki says it can’t be helped due to the heat… because of duty… which makes Misae angry. Silvio wonders at the sudden abnormal pressure he feels. Haruka encourages Silvio to enjoy the popsicle which will be delicious in the heat, and Mitsuki bids them goodbye, giving Misae her best regards. As they leave, Misae mumbles that it was a meaningless act. As Silvio asks Misae if interactions between members are always so strong, Haruka can be heard giving a meaningful cough, and Misae wonders if Mitsuki had totally forgotten the plan, leaving Silvio confused. Misae goes back into dere mode, and asks Silvio to eat the popsicle with her. Misae uses seductive innuendos to get Silvio to feed her his popsicle, and just as Silvio was about to the peak of enlightened passion, they are interrupted by a voice asking them what they are doing.

Sgt Maj Kyojuka had come over, asking Misae what she was doing acting like that, telling her that a young lady should not act so shamelessly. As Silvio tried to convince her, addressing her as Madam, the Sgt Maj hit him on the back a few times with a smile, telling him that using the word Madman on an aunty like her is not going to work, and is a waste to try to pick her up. As Sgt Maj continued to talk about how Misae is starting to see a young man, Misae tries to tell her she is misunderstanding. Sgt Maj asks who Silvio is, not having seen him before, and Silvio explains his presence. She comments that he looks thin for a soldier, and starts patting him down, saying he does have a firm body, especially his left arm. Silvio says its constant training, and changes the topic, praising her skills at cooking. As Sgt Maj tries to play it down, Misae mentions that his is from Italy, which causes the Sgt Maj to comment that he should know how to treat a women properly then. Silvio wonders what kind of image they have of Italians. The Sgt Maj next says this is not the time for her to chit chat, as there is something wrong with the gas pipes in the PX, and this will cause preparation of the food to be delayed, making the serviceman having to go to other PXs. This would affect between 100 to 200 people. Misae is shocked, muttering that it wasn’t in the plan. As Silvio wonders if this is the action of terrorist, Misae says she doesn’t think so, though she understands how it can be taken as such… Misae then asks Silvio to give the Sgt Maj a hand.

Rebirth 62

Can you cook?

Misae changes into suitable clothes, and Silvio hands out by doing the heavy lifting. The Sgt Maj is surprised by his strength which she could not tell from his appearance. As he uses flowery language to downplay his powers, Sgt Maj tells him that a man who uses such words often lowers his sincerity as a man, especially by Misae. Misae says that is because it’s the nature of Italian men, and Silvio is touched by her understanding. Asking how he can help next, Misae offers to help the Sgt Maj prepare the food, with Silvio cutting the ingredients, Misae cooking, and Sgt Maj providing the seasoning and instructions. When Silvio says he should handle the cooking instead, Misae whispers to him that this is the best use of his Cyborg body to provide high speed precision cutting.
Rebirth 63

You. Out. Now.

Suddenly, A-01 lead by Michi appears, offering to help. As if giving commands on the battlefield, Isumi orders for reinforcements (a measuring cylinder, pipet and weighting scales), and when told that they cannot be found, says that the defense is impossible. Kazama finds something of use though, and Isumi orders the mission to continue. Misae gives them a black look though, causing Michi to order an retreat.

Rebirth 65a

Kiss the cook

At last, they finish cooking the last meal portion for the mess, and the Sgt Maj thanks them profusely. As Misae tells Silvio good work, he starts to return the greeting, but at the sight of her apron clad body, which is soaked in sweat and clinging to every contour, he is rendered speechless due to bursting emotions (Seed Break effects are shown here).Silvio breaks out of his trance, saying (she is) beautiful, as Misae shyly asks what is he looking at. In this interval, a man’s insane laughter is heard in the mess, and A-01 appears to apprehend the man. Back in the kitchen, the mood is broken as Silvio wonders what that was. At this point, the Sgt Maj tells Misae that she will catch a cold with all that wet clothing due to the heat, and that It is best to take it off (causing Silvio to get excited). Sgt Maj proceeds to take hers off as well (Silvio looks in horror), and a old fashioned key drops on the floor. Picking it up, Silvio enquires about it, and is told the Sgt Maj found it on the floor but was too busy to find the person who lost it. Silvio offers to pass it to lost and found and is thanked for helping. Thus the first key is acquired.

Sakon Tapes 2Edit

Examining the Key with his multifunction eye, sees that it isn’t just a standard key for a pin tumbler lock, but also has the capacity of an electronic key as well. He finds the tape under the pillow and plays it back. The tape greets him, and at Silvio’s informal reply of “What now”, changes its tone to be less formal. Silvio thoughts are that he is now used to the attitude of the voice which transcends space and time, and adapted to it. The tape congratulates him on having obtained the first key. Silvio asks what is the next, and the tape tells him not to be too hasty. The tape gets down to business after Silvio rebutted it, telling him the next 4-line poem.

“I sleep in the treasure room of wisdom…” Is all.

The tape tells him it expects good work, and he tells it to wait. As the tape asks if there was something, Silvio silently screams that there is only one line this time…! However, he controls himself, trying not to be so easily read, and gives his consent thinking it would not be expected. The tape praises him for being flexible however, leading Silvio to think it predicted his response. It tells him there is one more thing, which Silvio predicts its to manually destroy the tape. It affirms that, and bids him goodbye. Silvio thinks that it would be hoped to have a standard conversation with no objectives with the person behind the tape one day, once the mission is over.

Silvio reports to Misae what the tape told him to Misae, and she comments on his tired look, which he says is due to the precision needed to destroy the tape. She tells him to rest, and when he says he will continue to search for the second key, she tells him she has to attend to a task force briefing so cannot accompany him.

Evening Briefing of A-01 day 1Edit

Rebirth 66


21:00 The A-01 debrief of the day occurs, with Mitsuki saying that the Captain’s introduction was off with the “runrun~” attempt at cuteness, making Isumi defensive. As Isumi says its better than Akane’s Brazil act, Akane defends herself saying it was based on the Vice-Commander’s orders from the data. Yuuko tells her that it was just because she thought it would be causing Akane to be shocked and
Rebirth 68 Even I am working hard

Even I am working hard

embarrassed. Mitsuki brings up the Captains orders for the measuring cylinder and tools at the PX as well, with Misae adding that it almost spoilt everything. Yuuko tells them to shut it, since the desired outcome was achieved, with the possibility of Misae getting chosen exceeding 90%. She tells Misae she has the slow touch of an adult, but it’s too slow, and orders her to be more aggressive the next day, causing Misae to be flustered. Yuuko is happy at being able to see some more interesting things the next day, and tells the others to back her up.

The Publications Room / The second keyEdit

Rebirth 69

Sleeping in late?

Misae comes to get Silvio, and comments on his tired look. Silvio says that he was in bed until just a moment ago, so not to worry about it. He thinks that the tiredness is from the physical and mental stress of the day before, especially the mental stress of meeting Yuuko, A-01, the PX and especially the Tape. Misae takes him to breakfast, telling him not to worry, and that she has an idea of the ‘treasure room of knowledge”.

Rebirth 70

And this is the room of wisdom

After Breakfast, Misae brings Silvio to a room filled with many lockers and rolling shelves, which looks the same worldwide. This is the only Publications Archive, or Library of the base. Misae explains that this is what is left from Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Nagoya and Yokohama, after the BETA invasion. Many things were lost to them, and books are no different. These are what was recovered from the debris of the Imperial Capital in the north. She says it isn’t used much though, since there are few books in English (G: this being an UN base, assumingly they all speak and read in English except for the local enlistees. + 1 point for realism)

Rebirth 73

A rare library rabbit is found

They see someone in the shelves. It is non-other than Kasumi, who is jumping up and down trying to reach a book (Silvio initially wonders if she is doing a physical exercise or dance). As Silvio contemplates the risk of discovery if he gets close to her, his gentle nature makes it impossible to ignore her, and he approaches her to help. Asking her what book she is looking for, she stares at him silently for a while as he becomes flustered, before muttering “Silent Pressure”, and finally asking for the book with red covers. The book is titled: Neverending Story, which Silvio recalls reading as a child (G: Me too! Great Movie) As Kasumi thanks him, he thinks that it is sad that this girl could have a normal childhood if it wasn’t for the experiments. Kasumi gives a slight frown, and excuses herself, leaving Silvio to wonder if she was uncomfortable being with someone she cannot read.

Rebirth 74

Ushio Ushio

Rebirth 75

Ushi- eh?

Returning to Misae, she seems to be a little flustered, saying its nothing and handing a list of books to Silvio. It’s a list of books that have not been read by anyone from the creation of the base, and is most likely to be where any hidden item can be found, also matching the description “asleep in the room” from the poem. Misae asks for his help in searching as the list is unexpectedly long. As Silvio helps with a book that Misae cannot reach, she mutters that the removal of the stepping stools is unfavorable. Silvio hears someone else making noises in the room, and sees Suzumiya Haruka at another shelve, trying hard to reach for some books while saying “Ushio, Ushio”. Silvio is captivated by her hard working appearance that arouses pity, thinking this might be the presentiment of a new beginning. He gets closer to help her, but Haruka starts to get flustered and shy, before apologizing and running off with a cry of “I can’t do it!” Returning to Misae feeling depressed at having a girl run away, he sees Misae with a stony expression, hearing her mutter that “that was too much” and “should not try to do so much if you are going to be that shy”. Silvio apologizes thinking she was made at him talking to other girls, making Misae confused.

Rebirth 78

... Aren't you cold?

Misae shows him a pile of books, saying these are the only ones that were never inspected after the construction of the base. They search through them, with Silvio thinking it’s quite tough to search through page by page. As he was about to ask Misae something, Akane in her Brazil costume appears asking if she can help while stuttering a little. Not knowing where to look, Silvio sees Misae’s expression grow black, and thinking its because of him, quickly suggests to Akane that she can help by passing on his requests to the Guard office of the changes he needs. When Akane asked fluster if she should go in this dress, he tells her to go ahead and change into the same dress as the others, as she would be too stimulating otherwise. He mentions that he is also concerned that she would catch a cold in air-conditioned areas. He also gives her advice on the charms of a woman being more than the outside, that she is already very pretty even if she doesn’t do more, and so please go and change. Akane happily thanks Silvio, who wonders why as he is just happy to remove an outsider from their activities. As he turns back to the job, he sees Misae still having a stony expression, and asks her if she is angry, which she replies “why would I be, at something like that”.

Rebirth 79

Touko tou ho ho ho

Suddenly, Touko appears as well, making Misae mutter “Touko, even you…” Misae initially asks her if she wants to help, but when Silvio, thinking it would be suspicious to drive off everyone who appears, says that Touko’s ability to analyze and understand the situation which he received as his first impression, would be very welcome. As Touko happily receives the compliment, she agrees to do her best to help. Misae suddenly stops her, saying that she understands, and will do it seriously, so please go find something else to do. As Touko politely leaves them, Silvio wonders what was it, which Misae tells him it’s something private and not to worry about it with a red face.

Rebirth 81a

Come closer...

Misae asks him to look at this passage she found, asking him to come closer. As Silvio does so, he noticed that Misae had adjusted her collar and necktie, leaving it open and showing a little cleavage. As Misae asks if he can see the text describing the 90th Unit (in a seductive tone) he gets heated up as he comes closer for a better view… In her low alluring tone of voice, Misae says that there is a strange memo written about the 90th Unit. As Silvio heartbeat increases, he asks what the 90 force was, which Misae says it comes from the days when the Imperial army was here before the BETA invaded. She pauses, saying that suddenly its rather hot, giving Silvio a good look that causes a nose bleed, engaging his passion. Suddenly, a crazy female laugh sounds out, and
Rebirth 82

Can you see it?

A-01 appears, conducting an instant capture operation and retreating before Silvio can tell what was going on.

Rebirth 85


Turning back to Misae who tells him to ignore that, the mood is lost, so she is back to normal. She asks him if he has heard of the Goto Organization, telling him that they were known as the 90th Unit before. “I sleep in the treasure room of wisdom”, for this book with information about the Goto Org, resting untouched in the library (warehouse of knowledge), could it just be a
Rebirth 84

A-01, roll out!

coincidence, Misae wonders. Silvio uses his Eye to scan the text, and reports to Misae that there is encrypted data hidden from view. Though it would take a little time to decrypt it, it is bingo, he tells her, making Misae sign in relief. Silvio continues to suggest that they locate the Bible that can be found here and request Yuuko to ban access to it. When Misae asks why, he recounts that the Terrorists from the Allegiance group in Europe used it to pass messages before last year. Silvio leaves to brief Yuuko, with a warning from Misae to watch what he tells her, and be mindful of Yuuko’s intuition and ability to pull out intelligence.

Decrypting the key / Sakon tape 3Edit

Back in his room, Silvio confirms that the retrieved data was in optical code after all. His Eye tells shows that it is plans showing a large area, perhaps one of the laboratories. However it does not match any of the plans in Yokohama base that he had obtain publically, and it might not be the lab of the Goto Org. As he wonders if it would be correct to assume that the first key should be used to open the entrance to this lab, he decides to find the tape for the next clue. However, the tape is not in its usual hiding place, and after turning the sleeping area upside down looking for it while panicking, he finally found it… sitting on his desk. Turning the tape one, it greets him with a hushed voice this time, congratulating him on getting the second key. Silvio asks why the low voice, which the tape says it is natural to lower the voice when speaking about secret information. As Silvio thinks that the tape predicted his words again, a frightful person who Silvio is glad is on his side, it tells him the next poem.

Rebirth 90 Great Peak

Greato Peaksu

Beyond the lakes of oil, in the depths of the peaks of steel.

The appearance of a manly man, A great soldier waits.

He will give the third key.”

The tape ends, wishing him all the best. Silvio consents but asks why the return to a normal speaking volume, to which there was no answer.

Test of Strength/ Unforeseen Circumstances Edit

Rebirth 91

Battle Valkyries

Under the open sky and hot sun, A-01 and Silvio are called to the open practice field by Yuuko, to test the skills of Silvio as a guard. However, Yuuko is nowhere to be seen, and when he asks, is told that she had said that the sun is the enemy of the skin, and heat is unpleasant, so is monitoring from another room. Misae says nothing can be done if they grumble, so they should just continue. Silvio agrees, but notices some materials being compiled at the corner of the ground, and is told that is for the outdoor reception hall by the
Rebirth 92

Player 1

Vice-Commander, which to Silvio is like saying “Snipe Me”. Mitsuki tells him that the decision is made, so he should be full of motivation now, which Silvio acknowledges, saying he will see to that immediately after the hand to hand mock battle ends.

Rebirth 93

Combat is like sex

Mitsuki steps up as the first challenger, saying she has never been defeated before. However Silvio doubts anyone here can defeat him, since most pilots would not need much martial arts skill beyond that which is needed for the indirect neuro-link data transfer to the TSF movements. Isumi tells him not to hold back when Mitsuki tells Silvio to have more passion after he gives no reaction to Mitsuki’s verbal challenge. Misae informs him that Mitsuki is abnormal, as combat gives her sexual pleasure, so this is like masturbation to her, there is no worry about defeating her. Touko tells Misae not to openly tell Mitsuki’s disposition in front of a gentleman, Akane confirms that it is possible if its Mitsuki, and Haruka tells Mitsuki that however she is like, they are still best friends, while Mitsuki rages impotently at them. Silvio comments that she has good relationships with them, and Mitsuki tells him to shut up and fight. Silvio says he will be sure to limit the artificial abilities, which Mitsuki boosts that it is not needed, as her ‘Zero Range Sniping’ will blow him away.

Rebirth 94c

The fall of Mitsuki

They start the fight, with Mitsuki throwing the first blows. When Silvio counters, everyone is stunned by his speed (Haruka can’t follow his speed though and asks what happened). Mitsuki acknowledges his speed as expected of a special agent, and tells him it would take more than power and speed to win. She sweeps in, grabbing hold of him, telling him that she will show him the Japan’s art of the flow of control, which Silvio recognizes as Judo. Haruka points out that Mitsuki is only using brute force though causing Mitsuki to blush. After exchanging a few more blows, Touko reminds Mitsuki about their objective, and when she pauses, Silvio takes the chance to throw her. Expecting the shock, when Mitsuki feels nothing, she opens her eyes to see that Silvio had controlled her fall by keeping ahold of her. Isumi mutters that Operation “Boing and Capture” failed, which has Silvio asking if sex appeal is a valid tactic for use in hand to hand. Mitsuki gets back on her feet, telling him that although he is good, its not over yet. She announces her intention to use under-handled techniques to win. As Silvio questions her motive, she leaps in and catches him in a flying arm lock. As the team comments on her really using a dirty move, Mitsuki tells Silvio to admit defeat and submit to her. Akane says she has lost sight of the objective already. Silvio thinks that there is no other way, and tells Mitsuki to see the power of the Cybrid! He stands up, lifting her bodily up while she looks in shock, still in her armlock position. With a swing of his arm, Mitsuki is sent flying into the air. Akane rushes over, telling her to get a grip, and Mitsuki gives her last words not to hold a grudge, before closing her eyes. Akane cries out for her spirit rising in the sky.

Rebirth 100a

Honor of the captain

Isumi steps up next, saying that although Mitsuki has been defeated, she was the weakest of 4 kings. It would shame the name of the Valkyries not to be able defeat someone of his level (the shadows of Marimo and Yuuko stands behind her). Isumi announces his next opponent is her, even as Akane says that is not their purpose here. Isumi is promptly sent flying with a scream. Touko receives her last words, telling her that the reminding Valkyries is her alone (Akane says everyone is still there), so it is now left to her, and closes her eyes. Touko cries out at the Captains spirit in the sky.

Rebirth 104a

Why you should not fight Touko

Touko steps up next with a determined look, announcing her intention for best out 3 matches. Akane says everyone has lost sight of their objective. Silvio accepts the match, thinking that he will control the ability of the frame. Touko comes running in, hitting like a girl at Silvio with her small fists with her eyes closed while he just stands there speechless. With his guard down, Touko gives a small smirk, and grabbing hold of him suddenly, throws him using Taijutsu. She stands over him saying she now has one point, while Izumi and Mitsuki (magically resurrected) gloat over Silvio’s lost to Touko’s weak skills, laughing it up. Misae asks if that was carelessness or the extent of his skills without the use of the frame, which Silvio says its her ability, though he would not give excuses. They go into the second fight, with Touko trying the same trick. This time Silvio is ready defending himself, and they both end up on the ground. Silvio accidentally grabs her breast, which has Touko gasping cutely, saying not to do it in such a public area. Misae, watching from the back, gets pissed, and steps in, giving Silvio a swift kick in the vulnerables (the screen cuts out while the sound of banging metal rings out and a splash of blood is shown). As Silvio collapses, Touko asks if he is alright, and seeing where he
Rebirth 111

Here comes a new challenger

is in pain, gives him treatment telling him pull out the power of the body (G: generally, jumping up and down, or bouncing the victim up and down on his feet helps, probably by recovering the equilibrium of shock to the nerves. It just works. Here there is only the sound of patting though). As Silvio starts to feel better he wonders why does she know the treatment method for such injuries… and he wonders how he got injured, thinking that Touko’s knee hit his vital point.

Rebirth 115

When in doubt, REC

Rebirth 116

Forget Everything!

Feeling a sudden pressure, he turns to confront Misae, who tells him with a smile that since he is all better now, she is next up. Although Silvio wants to refuse since he is still numb, he is unable to at the pressure. Misae tells him to bring it on, and Silvio wonders if her stance is her own. Thinking that it would be best to tackle her since her guard was high, he aims at her lower torso, and leaps. However, his body does not obey him, causing his foot to cramp, and he ends up falling down while grabbing Misae… Looking up as he wonders what happened, he sees that… he has pulled down Misae’s pants, bearing all to his sight. As he tries to apologize while on the ground, he gets flustered at what to do, whether to escape or apologize more, and defaults to turning on the recording… before realizing his mistake, asking himself what he was doing! This time, Misae picks him up, throwing him into the sky, as Akane calls him the worst. As he recovers from the pain, he confirms that it was really recording, and thought that if it were not deleted at once, when it is made known there would really be no life for him.

Rebirth 121a

Hero saves the day!

Suddenly there is the sound of a track carrying materials for the setup of the hall. Silvio notices that its route is unnatural, thinking that it passes too close to Misae- just as the sound of something giving way is heard. Shouting her name, he activates his body, sprinting towards her, even as the materials fall towards her, and the others scream in panic. Silvio makes it in time, holding up the construction beams while supporting Misae. As Misae looks at him in shock, Silvio starts to collapse from the strain as his heart and lungs and the flesh part of the body is overstressed, and tells Misae to leave him and get away. Misae reflectively refuses to leave him, and just as Silvio was about to black out, an exoskeleton Armored Trooper dashes in, helping to support and push away the iron frame. As they move away, Silvio blacks out, while hearing Misae telling him to get a grip.

Rebirth 124

Are you ok?

Later, he gets up in an unknown room, which has some medical devices and work desks. Touko who spots him first, calls Misae over. As she fusses over him, tells Touko goes to call the Yuuko, and urges Silvio to lie back on the bed. Silvio tries to reassure her that he is ok, but she has none of it, firmly telling him to lie down. As she sits beside, she apologizes, which leads to Silvio returning the apology for not being able to finish saving her, explaining it was not her fault but his body, which although can show superhuman abilities, its only for a short time, which is limited by the heart, lungs and flesh parts on his body. The strain from running and lifting caused him to have anemia. He tells her it is like the tripping of a breaker, so there is no need to worry. Tearfully, Misae tells him not to speak of himself in such a machinelike way. Silvio apologizes, recalling his vow that this body is not a living one, but one to follow the will of his friend in atonement. Silvio apologizes again, this time to Renzo as well, for putting the life of Misae in danger due to his immaturity (He thought that Renzo would have found a way to avoid having Misae in danger). Silvio accepts his mistake though, and refuses to run away, doing a checking on his body, confirming that there is no problem with his arm, legs, and waist joint. He tells Misae that he will rest that night, and asks for her help again the next day for the 3rd key, which she agrees telling him to rest fully. When Silvio tells her not to show such a sad face, she tells him loudly that of course she is worried, since the doctor cannot do a complete examination on him, and when she asked Yuuko her only reply was there is no problem. Silvio tells her that the Vice-commander is correct, since artificial bodies are not in much use in the far-east, and everything is all right. Misae berates herself for not being able to do anything for him, which Silvio says it would be too uncomfortable if she were to become too grateful, and when she apologizes, tells her she is doing it again, causing both to laugh.

Rebirth 125

Who guards the guards?

Yuuko lead by Touko steps into the room, and says there is nothing to worry about since he looks energetic. Misae apologizes to her for taking her from her busy schedule, which Yuuko agrees, saying that isn’t he supposed to be her guard, what is he doing getting injured. As Silvio says that he is ashamed, Yuuko continues that even though that is what she wants to complain, there is the piece of wire that Touko passes to Silvio, who sees that it was cut, not worn out. It was from the ones used to hold down the construction materials on the vehicles, which means that it was no accident. Even if the doctor was not around to receive the damage, it was meant to act as a warning. He also thinks that there is the possibility that the Goto Org has noticed his and Misae’s actions. This would mean it was an action taken against the 4th plan, to say that they will fight it to the end, even if the reception is held. Misae tells him to stop thinking too much about it, and rest. Yuuko says that from tonight the threat level would be increased, since the actions of those backing the 5th plan would be more active now, so he needs to work hard.

Evening Briefing of A-01 day 2Edit

As Haruka wraps up the debrief and asks for comments, Misae states that too much was done in the library, and they can trust her more. Yuuko says sorry, but it was not about trust but that they were worried for her since she is not a natural flirt. As Misae says that she is doing it out of duty, Izumi brings up the matter of the construction accident, trying to urge Yuuko to be more careful and receive some training, which Yuuko says its impossible, since its her. Yuuko mentions that it was within expectations, as even if they cannot predict the opponents actions, with Silvio appearance they have taken the bait, since the Stagnar or Stagnation Agents (Sleeper Agents) have been appearing one after the other ever since. Yuuko orders them to continue keeping a close eye. Isumi tells everyone to keep an eye out, as things would be serious from here on out especially for Misae. As Mitsuki tentatively asks if they are to continue with that operation,

Rebirth 126

What do you mean, camera?!

Yuuko says “of course, since its interesting… nevermind, keeping the status-quo intact is the main priority for now.” Akane mentions that it’s a little late. Yuuko dismisses them, ending the meeting. Yuuko calls Misae over, telling her that she is doing advance analysis of the image recorded by Silvio’s eyes, which confuses Misae, as she asks if Yuuko means that there is a recorder function in Silvio’s left eye? Yuuko says didn’t she mention it and why wouldn’t anyone not put such a handy function in. Misae is severely shocked, and Touko asks her what is wrong since her complexion became pale.
Rebirth 127h

The alternative plan

Misae tearfully tells her that he would have been able to record her while she was exposed, and even if it was for duty, the shame… As Misae asks what on earth should she do now, Touko replies that isn’t it great! As Misae stands shocked, Touko explains that this would completely keep his eyes on her, and now they would not need to involve Mitsuki in further planning. Yuuko mutters that she really is black hearted, and Misae tells Touko that sometimes she is really scared of her… which Touko says she is always Misae’s ally, ho ho ho.

The Hanger / The Third KeyEdit

Rebirth 128


Misae shows Silvio around the hanger, describing the Type-94 Shiranui’s history in a low monotone. Silvio compares their feel to be more like the European TSFs, rather than the American ones which focus on Range, or the Russian ones which focus on melee. The Japan and EU TSFs seem more focused on maneuverability, and fighting in enclosed areas, designed for Hive assaults. As Misae utters the history of the Shiranui, talking about its deployment in 1994 and being considered the first 3rd Generation TSF, Silvio asks about her low spirits,
Rebirth 129

Are you recording?

which causes her to come back to the task at hand. Since the poem seems to indicate the Hanger area, they are here to conduct their search. Misae asks about what TSF Silvio piloted in the EU, which he replied its certainly not the EF-2000, which is after his time. Misae takes it that he piloted the F-5 and its variants then, which Silvio confirms, thinking that what if he had 3rd Gen TSFs during that time. Silvio changes the topic to search the hanger, which is rather wide, and Misae agrees. Along the way, a female maintenance personnel approaches Misae, telling her that the maintenance on her Shiranui is complete, so she can do the maintenance check on it.
Rebirth 130


Misae is hesitant to put it off, as that would be suspicious, and when the personnel mentions her dress, Misae tries to take it as an excuse to go change. Silvio tells her to go ahead with the check though, thinking that it should be ok, so long as he is not around where that short skirt is. Misae acknowledges it, and asks the personnel to guide him. Before leaving though, she asks Misae if she has seen this before, showing her a fountain pen and its case. The service personnel takes Misae’s look to mean that it is hers, and gives it to her, saying it was found behind her TSF. Misae gives it to Silvio for keeping, since her current dress does not have a place to hold it. Silvio looks around finding nothing, though it matches the poem of depths of oil and peaks of steel (Fuel and TSFs).

Rebirth 131

Girl talk

He returns to look for Misae, and finds her in conversation with Isumi. Isumi was saying they should do a confirmation first, while Misae says she understands, and is not afraid. Isumi tells her she understands her feelings, and trusts her. Silvio comes up, asking if there was anything up, surprising them, making Isumi leave in a rush. Silvio tells Misae that even if its not related to his work, he would be happy to help, which Misae says its okay, and if he found anything. She says she should complete the maintenance check with him to speed it up, and asks for his help, which Silvio concern about her dress, thinks about being careful when helping. Misae tells him to first help to remove the bolts fastening an armor plat in order to check on the operation controls. Silvio asks about the power tools which is normally used in this case, and Misae tells them that there is a shortage of equipment, and that it would take too long to wait for one to be free, so its better to manually remove it. Misae tries to move the bolt, giving out erotic gasps and moans as she struggles with the wrench. Silvio offers to help, and Misae starts to thank him, but cuts off in shock when Silvio grabs the ends of the wrench around her, enfolding her from behind with his body.
Rebirth 132

Is that a screwdriver in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

As Silvio slowly realizes that his body is pressed up against her, he becomes aware of a feeling of closeness that is different from when she pressed him down before. As the maintenance catwalk is narrow there is not much they can do about it, so they continue, with Silvio getting more and more aroused as the softness of Misae is felt, and her soft gasps are heard. Misae asks him to his cybreed power, which Silvio says might be too much for her so he will go slowly. As applies force, Misae moans a little, but tells him to continue, a little stronger. Misae gives out more cries, as Silvio feels her breast on his arm. Misae tells him just a little more breathlessly, and cries out with the last push, causing Silvio to experience an explosion of emotion. Suddenly there is the sound of a man laughing uncontrollably, and Misae mutters that the voice is different.

As Silvio says that the bolt has turned, Misae suddenly gets flustered, and with a brief word of sorry, steps away from him. As Silvio wonders what is wrong, thinking that Misae is concerned about the personnel below seeing them. Misae mutters to herself that she was mistaken, telling Silvio its nothing when he enquires. She asks about the pen and case, telling him that due to the presence of the service crew and Isumi, she could not tell him, but actually it wasn’t hers. Silvio says that’s fine, and he will examine it in his room. As Silvio returns, the service crew asks Misae if the check is ok, which she says its perfect as always, and enquires about the crew who was laughing just now. That was another service personnel, who does not service anyone’s machine, so she does not know him that well. Misae thanks her for that information a little relieved.

Sakon Tape 4Edit

Silvio examines a card key, which looks like the one he received from the first day, but has a different mechanism. It was found in a hidden compartment of the pen case. Only one more key remains. Silvio finds the next tape ready, and wonders when the person had time to prepare these tapes, not knowing if he succeeded or failed. Playing the Tape, he hears it telling him not to be too depressed at failure, which has Silvio jumping up, saying it’s the wrong tape! He thought that he now has it figured out, that different tapes were prepared for different situations, ready for him. However, the tape continues, saying that his mystery is slowly uncovered, that yes he had prepared for all possibilities. As Silvio gets even more bewildered, the tape tells him that the mistake was intentional. As Silvio gets dumbfounded, it tells him that his secret is not only that. As Silvio argues, it tells him that a little mystery in the world keeps the world interesting.

Rebirth 133 Even for that, this is too much

This... this is too much!

It tells him the next clue, telling him that the Key can be found in the place where a lot of water is collected on base, not bothering with poems. Silvio thinks that the camouflage of the message is originally based on the wishes of the other party, and is glad its gone. It tells him that once the 4 keys are complete, what Silvio wishes would be achieved, the access to the lab. Silvio wonders at the places with lots of water, such as containers etc, and goes to find Misae.

The Swimming Pool/ The fourth KeyEdit

Rebirth 134

Pool's open

Misae brings Silvio to an indoor swimming pool, which is heated and has artificial sunlight pumped in. Silvio admires the pool, but gives Misae a disappointed look, since she is not in a swimsuit. Misae blushes a little, saying Silvio eyes are bloodshot, and that he just wants to record her in her swimsuit. Silvio defends himself saying here is a pool so swimsuits are only natural, and as Misae’s body is very attractive it is regrettable. Misae mutters that its
Rebirth 135

It's embarrassing

embarrassing though, which makes Silvio gets heated up at her shyness. A Softball hits Misae on the head suddenly, and looking over, the A-01 team is seen, with Isumi calling Misae over. Silvio searches on his own first.

When Misae does not come back, Silvio wonders if there is an emergency. He hears Misae calling him, and turning around, sees her wearing a UN two piece swimsuit, captivating him. She says that being in the pool area without a swimsuit is suspicious after all. Silvio is very pleased at the sudden reversal.

Rebirth 136

A swimsuit makes sense

Misae tells him to stop staring, and that she will punch him if he is recording. As he apologizes and turns to continue the search, Misae stops him, and asks him to help put on some suntan lotion. Silvio is thrown off by the request, and with a ponding heart, asks if it is necessary for the cover, which Misae says it is, indirectly. As Silvio feels that the goddess is summoned granting him great luck, he agrees, and Misae leaves it to him, lying down on an inflatable mat, face up.
Rebirth 137

Misae's in swimwear, all's right with the world

Asking him to hurry up, Silvio starts to apply the lotion, making Misae gasp with the first cold touch on her belly. Going to her shoulders next, he starts applying over her body, with Misae making lewd sounds as he goes on. Finishing, he steps back confused by what he heard about Japan people not having close contact normally, and what he is learning in person. However, Misae says that he has not completely spread it over her yet, which means…. under her swimsuit… As Misae tells him to come quickly, and do the whole body, Silvio’s passion erupts. Again, a female’s laughter is heard, and Silvio curses the interruption.
Rebirth 138

Please, give it to me...

The A-01 team appears again, capturing the person. Silvio tells himself now is not the time to be distracted, and turns back to Misae… who has stood up, telling him thanks, but time is passing, so she is going to take a bath, speaking very fast. She walks away while Silvio stands surprised and cockblocked, shaking with rage, and accidentally crushing the bottle of lotion. However, he notices something in the bottle because of that, and pulls out a memory device from it. It looks like Misae and fate had resolved their search for the last key. Misae returns, and is extremely happy that the last key has been found. Silvio tells her, now is the beginning.

The Sakon Tape BriefingEdit

Night time, Misae enters Silvio’s room, who grabs her close, looking past her to see if anyone followed her. She pulls back to get a breath, telling him its ok. Silvio is a little nervous, since now they can enter the β-breed research labs. He tells her that though they have the 4 keys, how to use them is a problem, since the memory device is encoded, and forcing the password might break it. He sees what the tape has to say, and plays it with Misae listening in.

The Tape congrates him on recovering the 4 keys, telling him that he can finally reach the Midorigawa Laboratory making use of them, which is the β-breed research lab of the Goto Organization. The tape says it is not time to complete his mission of meeting with the informant, and protect her while retrieving the information and escorting her out safely, despite the lost of a valuable asset. When Silvio reminds silent, the tape asks if there are objections, and Silvio replies there isn’t. It reminds him that here is still the center of the 4th plan, so many things cannot be said and time is of the essence. The tape continues, asking about the memory device. Silvio reports that he has not attempted to break the code, which the tape says is wonderful, since it will now provide the code, and tells Silvio to input it. As Misae straightens in shock, Silvio asks why, and at her deflecting reply, enters the code 46495963. This opens the device, and it shows the schedule of the guard rotation of the lab and surrounding routes. The Tape tells him that those who work in the lab are prohibited from going outside, forced to focus on doing the devils work without seeing sunlight. There are two layers of guards as well, an internal layer and outer one. They are not allowed to retire from employment as well. How difficult was it for the informant to reach the outside, and how desperate she must be to risk her life to escape. Silvio says he understands, and the tape states that with the information and the map and keys, it is now possible to plan the sneaking operation. It gives him his orders, to sneak into the Midorigawa Labs with the cooperator agent and complete 3 main objectives, 1. To Record the truth of the β-breed research with his eyes, 2. Retrieve the information from the informer, 3. Examin the information closely and extract the informant, and the two are to leave the base together. As Silvio wonders if the two means Misae and the informant, she says that she has to remain as the spy. When Silvio says that is dangerous, the tape tells him that Misae will be staying to observe the lab and report any new developments. It tells him that by following the orders his wish would be fulfilled. It reminds him that if they stay on the informant would be overly exposed to danger, if that is what he wants. Silvio gives in and consents. The tape tells them the first stage will take place tomorrow, and to plan the route beforehand, ending the briefing.

Evening Briefing of A-01 day 3Edit

Rebirth 139 I resign!

I...I resign!

Haruka finishes the debrief, and Isumi mentions that it was great that none of the regular mechanics were made into sleeper agents, though the one that was found was regrettable. Akane agrees that their greatest fear was if an sleeper agent did anything to their machines. Misae is relived as well. Isumi tells them not to relax yet though, since many things can still happen. Also there is the question of mistaken identity of those around the sleeper agents, who might spread to those around them, as in the case of the pool, which the reported agent was supposed to only be a man, when there was a female one as well. Isumi says that it looks like this type of agent has all been completely taken care of, so good work everyone. Misae still has to do her job though. Misae wishes for her part to end soon, as the pool was too much. Yuuko gives some closing words, saying that the digging up of moles has ended after a long time, and the mans performance seems to be good, so she ignored the reports and had him do a clean sweep, since the guests of the day after the reception tomorrow might have some bugs as well. Yuuko will attend the reception with Misae and other members as well. With that they are dismissed.

The Laboratory / The InformantEdit

Rebirth 140

Sneak suit? BETAcrysis?

Night time the next day, the two move into the woods where the entrance point of the Labs ventilation system can be seen. Misae is wearing a skin tight sneaking suit as she follows him. They have to infiltrate by the airflow system crawling down a 700m duct taking about an hour. Silvio worries for Misae who is a woman, and she reassures him. Reaching the ventilation shaft with the spinning fan, Silvio breaks it with one hit, collapsing the fan. As they are about to enter, Silvio tries to convince Misae to stay behind, not wanting to put her in danger. He uses her inexperience in killing humans as a reason, but she refutes him, asking if he plans to destroy the facility after all. She quizzes him on his obsession with the β-breed research labs, Silvio explains the story of Renso and his past from him, saying that he is living in Atonement, having killed his best friend with his mistake. Misae confirms that he is not suicidal, tells him that time is wasting, so they should go. She will follow him to bear witness to his declaration that he does not plan to die, with her own eyes.

Rebirth 141

How solid is your snake

Together, they move down through the shaft, silently navigating around the guards and cameras while Silvio prays that there is no change. They find the place to use the card key, and enter, only to have to jump into a locker when a guard appears. Misae blushes at the close contact, and Silvio quiets her complaints as the guard walks past. They continue into the entrance of the prohibited area of the lab, and use the last key to open it, entering a corridor with only a door at the other end. They reach the door, and burst into the research office located behind it.

Rebirth 142

Doctor Midorigawa aka Kouzuki Mokoto

As they enter, a women’s voice asks them what are they doing in the middle of the night, though they don’t seem to be guards. Looking over, Silvio spots a purple haired woman in a lab coat holding a cigarette in her mouth. Pointing his gun at her, he tells her to be silent, and she tells him that he is here to help her. Silvio interrogates her, and she tells him that she is the person in charge here, Head of Laboratory Midorigawa. Silvio wonders if the informant is the head of the lab, and she tells him yes, addressing him as Farso. Putting his gun down, he tells her he is here to extract her, but she tells him that there is a change in plans. Expecting betrayer, he raises his gun again, and she calmly assures him that the change is not a trap for him.
Rebirth 143

Doktor, ve have come vor you

She tells him to listen to her, explaining that it is true that she did want to leave the plan, and she does know the full details. However circumstances have changed, and Midorigawa says that it is an annoying story. She asks if he knows about the invitation to the UN top management for the announcement of the research outcomes, and it is possible that Yuuko, no, Dr Kozuki Yuuko might announce a part of the β-breed research that they had conducted here (She slips up mentioning Yuuko’s name directly). Silvio asks where has the research advanced up to, which the doctor replies, almost none. This agitates Silvio greatly, who accuses her of lying. The doctor explains that it’s the truth, since BETA and Human compatibility is extremely low, even with other creatures from earth. The cell structure is too different, and the stories of chimeric bodies are just that, stories. Without digestive organs or respiratory organs, it is impossible to create human like biological weapons. Dr Midorigawa declares that unless human technology advances by 30 years, the β-breed hybrids cannot be invented. She continues that of course, there might be a genius who can get the budget who might be able to decrease the time, with advances in biotechnology. That is why it is worth continuing research into it.

She adds that there is one thing that did come out of the research though. Silvio becomes worked up, threatening her for the information, causing Misae to tell him to calm down, that she is about to tell them. The doctor tells him that everything is told to them even without threats since that was why they were called down here for. Silvio apologizes, and she continues, that though splicing BETA and Human at the genetic levels failed, it succeeded in a different area. She explains that the original intention has always been to develop a bioweapon that would work only on the BETA. She asks them if they heard of the Bird Flu, or of the Spanish Flu, since he is from Europe. At Misae’s incomprehension, she explains that it is about viruses that becomes able to cross between species. The virus should not kill the host, since that would kill the virus as well, and viruses being deadly is misunderstood since rarely do the host die… if it is a virus that has a symbiotic relationship with its host. However, when the virus becomes able to cross infect another species, the toxicity of the virus to the different species is high. In the case of the Spain Flu, the origins are from ducks, which spread to pigs, then men, is the theory. Out of a estimated 2 billion people worldwide, 600 million were infected, and 50 million people died of the virus. Therefore, they are trying to develop a virus that would work only on the BETA using the same mechanism. As a result, a brutal virus which has the same effect as the Ebola virus was created. A 100% lethality rate, incubation period of 3 days, nuclei infection, in 20 hours after onset, all cells of the body would have collapsed, the ultimate Virus (G: this means very fast, very virulent, very deadly). However, it is useless against the BETA, and only effective against man. Silvio is shocked, as the doctor continues, saying that the infected is still mobile during the 3 days incubation period, and will not notice or show symptoms until the onset of the virus’s lethal stage. Misae recognizes that this means the virus can spread exponentially, which the doctor confirms. She admits that about where the virus came from or was created, she doesn’t know, or rather, doesn’t want to know. Silvio questions why the research was not stopped then, which she said she did try but was unable to stop it. This is because there is a special vaccine that if used, would provide 100% protection against the virus, which they call the βvirus for convenience. In other words, infection can be controlled. Moreover, the vaccine can only be produced in Yokohama base, using the BETA reactor underground. This means that it is the strongest personal weapon… And so it can be used as a strong bargaining chip to the world. Follow what I say, or else…Pandemic… Silvio considers the implications, since Doctor Kozuki has stationed herself in the base near the reactor, so it is not possible to attack there, and it is impossible to prevent the outbreak of such a virus. If taking into consideration her planning abilities, she might have already planted caches around the world, in preparation for use already. Silvio recognizes Kozuki Yuuko as a

Rebirth 144

What an evil plot, it must have been made by some kind of Tatical Geniu-Yuukoooooooooo !!!

Tactical Genius (G: His exact words). The doctor says she does not know what Yuuko is thinking, but if she threatens to use the virus, anything can be gotten, even funding for the 4th plan. She thinks Yuuko most probably will announce this at the end of the research presentation, using it as the stick to the carrot of the other technologies that came out of the 4th plan, such as the electromagnetic railgun and others. Saying that she can control the world this way, she wonders if her character was bad or wicked, and that she would like to see the face of her parents.

Silvio thinks that Yuuko is indeed the Vixen of Yokohama base, and asks the doctor why does she cooperate then. She replies that she does wish to save humanity if possible, but since it seems impossible, she wishes to resign. She says that she is an unfair woman. Even if she knows that this is the place that research for humanities best hope to survive, and other solutions do not exist, even so, she cannot take it anymore. She does not want to have to work on victims of the fight with the BETA, since thinking that there will not be any good results, research is impossible, as it will be useless. She doesn’t want to do anymore inhumane research, and wants to get out, which was why he was called. Silvio asks why she provides the results then. She tells him, even though she says it might not be what he though. She is a scholar, so as long as she believes it can save the world, anything can be made. Silvio indicates his understanding, and asks what is the change in schedule, and she reminds him that it was the plan to escape in exchange for information. Before Silvio overreacts, she passes him a data disc with all the research data, and tells him to escape with this. Silvio asks why, and the doctor tells him that it is because it seems that Dr Kozuki is taking care of her younger sister, so she is a possible hostage (G:… yeah, as if taking care of own herself). She now knows this, so it is no longer possible to run away. As Silvio states that the sister is at risk from the start, and only has to be moved before or after the escape, Dr Midorigawa says that she had not thought that she would care so much for that person before. She urges Silvio to just take the microfilm disc and expose what was done here. She believes that not all the subordinates

Rebirth 145

Quick, leave, its Johnny coming for his stomach medicine

are drones, that when they learn of her evil plans, would support him. This research might be necessary for the world, and she would not accept Dr Kozuki’s way of doing things anymore. She pleads that she is tired of doing such research.

Silvio promises to deliver the data to the EU, when there is a sudden knock on the door from soldiers checking on the doctor. The doctor directs them to an exit, telling Silvio not to let Yuuko or the Alt 5 plan people know. Silvio tells her to leave it to him, that he will disrupt the research and free her, and escapes with Misae. On the way out, they hide again in the lockers from a guard (separately this time).

Rebirth 146

Press Circle to tap

Looking out of the grill, Silvio hears the guard reporting in, and hears a very familiar voice… Rentso’s. He meets up with Misae, and leads her back out, confused. They make their way back to base safely.

(G: Anyone who played or watched Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien should recognize Dr MIdorigawa as Yuuko’s older sister, Kouzuki Motoko.)

The Reception/ The Bar/ Misae’s storyEdit

Rebirth 147

100% not made of BETA, we swear

The next day, the reception goes forward smoothly, without any issues. Silvio is keeping watch over the area, as he recalls back to the end of last night.

Having returned to his room, he turns on the tape there, and tells them that the microfilm data is not passed over until his demands are met. The tape says that his excited behavior has not changed. It tells him that they cannot limit Yuuko at this point, as that would be like putting the knife to the belly of the goose that lays golden eggs. It tells him that Yuuko’s contributions to the human race is extremely large, and he has received benefits as well, such as the indirect control for TSFs, auto translation program, etc. If he were to list them all individually, it would take till morning. When it says that unfortunately this tape does not have that capacity, Silvio hits the wall in frustration, telling it not to joke, and causing Misae to reprimand him. The tape tells him that it understands, but in the evolution of mankind, the words ‘justice’ and ‘fairness’ have no place. Even in his body, many sacrifices by testers were made. As Silvio feels that he is different, more a victim, and lashes out asking what they will do when she threatens the UN using the virus. The tape says that the timing is not right for her to show all her cards, as the UN has already realized all her demands, though whether she will use it if under pressure from Alt 5 is not known. The tape doubts that she would take the life of humanity that she has done so much to save. It regrets about Dr Midorigawa situation, but there is some mistake if he thinks about it. However, it is worried as well, since there should be a deterrent to prevent one genius from being out of control. It tells him that he should know what to do with the micro film in his procession then.

Rebirth 148

Whoa princess

Back in the reception, Silvio tries to calm himself down, but thinking back to the voice he tough was Rentso’s, finds himself unable to. He hears Misae calling him, and looking up, sees her in a one piece dress. Seeing this beautiful sight, he compliments her on it, putting aside his worries. Chatting, he confirms that only people who are clear are in the reception hall and everyone is checked clear, though he is still distracted by thoughts. As Misae asks if his eyes tell him so, he informs her that they can see through any disguise. Misae says the duty is ended soon, so they should get together after the reception for a drink, which Silvio agrees to. She assures him it is just to have a toast in celebration of mission accomplished.

Rebirth 149

A toast! To the lady in white

Later at the bar, Misae asks where into the distance he is looking at. Silvio changes the topic, saying that Wine, Music and a Beautiful Woman, makes it not bad for such a night, which has Misae stating that it isn’t every day that they can use the bar for VIPs. He flatters her, saying without a beautiful woman the others don’t count. They toast, and Silvio continues to chat about Europe. As the chat goes on and Silvio turns more morose, Misae tells him that she is there to listen to him if he wants to talk. After a while, Silvio starts to tell her more of his life living in atonement. He tells her that he is not a living person, which Misae denies, telling him that he is just as human. He continues saying that those that have no choice to undergo testing as β-breed subjects (like Kasumi) can be sympathized with, but for him who made the choice to survive… is a crime/sin. Therefore, he has no soul or right to be himself, and must live for others, for Rentso… He drinks some more, as Misae quietly sits beside him.

Misae then says that she wishes to tell him a story of her acquaintance, who has experiences like himself. That person, her father passed away early, and she lived together with her mother happily. She received various lessons in etiquette since her mother was from a good family, though life was not always easy. Before long, the daughter fell in love, but that love was not blessed due to circumstances. Her mother was absolutely opposed, and the daughter fought with her mother for the first time, and ran away from home, and made her way on foot to where the lover was. Putting aside the lover part, the main point is that the relationship between mother and daughter grew cold with this. At last, the daughter enlisted in the army without telling her mother, leaving home totally, and then… the BETA invaded Japan… that person’s mother lived in Kyoto, which was taken over by the BETA that landed on Kyushu in no time. Silvio heard that many civilians had died in the defense of Kyoto before. The daughter was in the training school in Kanto, and could do nothing, not knowing if her mother lived or died. Silvio says it is a tragic story, a common tragedy, and Misae agrees. To the daughter whom the mother was a source of hate coupled with envy yearning, after the lost, found out something. The reason why the love was opposed, was because that man that the daughter fell in love with, was the daughters cousin. When the mother ran away from the family and eloped to escape a marriage of convenience, the younger sister was made to marry instead, and gave birth to a child… this they never knew while living together, when she knew it was late. The daughter thought, if only the mother did not elope, it would not have come to this, and held a grudge. However, it was thought that if she truly loved the man, anything would be done even elopement, so the mother was envied. Then she realized that she only had envy for her mother after all (Misae starts speaking in first person). She realized her foolishness, since if the mother did not elope, she would not have been born. As she struggled with her outburst of anger and swarm of emotions… the chance to reconcile, was lost…forever… Misae says that that person has been living in the past ever since. Even if the memories remind like a discarded shell, even though she understands, she still turns her eyes away. To cover the pain, a mask is put on, and a calm act shown. That person, is perhaps afraid to face the reality. When it was noticed, when it was admitted, that person had already become the past. Misae says that perhaps, she was the one who held herself in the past. Though she understands and starts to move, she is still afraid to step forward. Though it was said to move forward, the feeling is more like falling forward. Using her own legs to support every time she falls forward, like that, she begins to walk. That is why, one day…

Silvio understands that Misae is trying to give him encouragement, but feels that he knows it, but cannot do so. He thanks her, not wanting to coldly refuse her kindness. Misae laughs, saying they have drank a lot, and should return, since tomorrow there is still the duty. Silvio grabs hold of Misae, asking her to please wait, but then remains silent, not wanting to take advantage of his weakness. Instead, he tells her that he wishes to express his thanks, which Misae replies that no thanks is needed, and that tonight, he should try to reflect on himself. With that, Misae leaves him to think.

Reflection / A New PlotEdit

Back in his room, Silvio reflects on what he heard from Misae’s life story. He thinks on the fact that perhaps he does not want to see his true self. Putting that aside, he thinks, that after the duty is complete, he will return to Europe, unlikely to return to Japan. Though there is a chance to examine the records in the EU intelligence, it is not certain what can be found. So if he wants to find out about that voice in the underground lab, if it belongs to Rentso, he would have to confirm it now. Thinking that if he is caught now, it might mean the failure of the mission due to his self-interest, but then he recalls what Misae say about being afraid to step forward. Using that as encouragement, as the microfilm is already in the delivery location, and even if there is an emergency, he only has to escape. With that, that decides to take action, to confirm with his own eyes.

Infiltrating again, he hides in the lockers of the guard room. This time, he hears a slightly distorted voice. It states that the target is “that unfortunate girl”, that “that is no longer human, and it would be an act of mercy to put her out of her misery”. As Silvio wonders about if this was an assassination attempt on another important person, the voice continues “There is a point, the girl is a core part of the research. After all, she is said to be the daughter of the Vixen”. Putting it together, Silvio can only think of one person: Kasumi! “- that will teach the Vixen a lesson. The research will be discontinued, and the new age cometh”. Silvio continues to expand on the consequences on the 4th Plan if Kasumi is lost at this point, as the plan would be delayed. As he thinks angrily that just for the sake of delaying the project, an victimized girl would have to suffer even more, the voice says that “- not to worry, the sleeper agents are sacrificial pawns after all. I will execute it personally. Everything is in order. Although security is up due to the reception, since it is necessary to guard the guest, security around the Vixen is short-handed”. Silvio thinks that this person is well prepared and must be from the 5th plan. “The target is on the 19th floor underground. That floor is the center of the forth plan and is an isolated island in the area. Usually it is not able to be invaded”. “The key has been obtained, so please await the good news. That is all.” Footsteps are heard walking away. Silvio wants to save Kasumi, but wonders about his bonds with her, if there is any benefit to saving her, as he does not have orders to help the 4th plan, and his need to investigate the source of Rentso’s voice. He comes to the conclusion, that there is no relation, but still, the life is not given up! With that, he makes his way back to base.

The Assassin / The Big FightEdit

Rebirth 150

Wait, weren't you drunk?

Running full speed back to base, he bangs on Misae’s door, and explains everything when she lets him in. She is shocked to hear that Kasumi’s life is being targeted, is surprised to hear of the 19th floor. She grabs him and leads him out to find the nearest mechanized armored troop, to borrow their wireless radio. Finding one, they request for it to communicate directly to the vice-commanders office. When there is no response, Misae wants to get permission from the command room to enter Yuuko’s office, but Silvio says there is no need, since they can use his ID. They instruct the Soldier to give the alert of the emergency, and agree when it asks to escort them to Yuuko’s office since Silvio feels they might need the backup.

Rebirth 151

I didn't order any Italian sausage

They reach her office, and opening the door, finds the doctor… sitting at her desk. Yuuko asks him what is with all the commotion. Seeing his expression, she tells him that she is sorry, but she doesn’t have a taste for younger men. Silvio if she noticed anything suspicious going on, which she says nothing except a certain Italian who wants her body. When Silvio says then that is good, she reproaches him, saying that it would cause problems with international relationships. As Silvio focuses on thinking, Yuuko asks him not to ignore her, and Silvio asks where Kasumi is. When Yuuko says that Silvio’s taste is surprisingly wide, he tells her that he had coincidently come across a plot to assassinate Kasumi. Yuuko questions the “coincidence”, and Silvio repeats what he heard about “that unfortunate girl, that is no longer human, is a core part of the research. said to be the daughter of the Vixen”. Yuuko instantly becomes serious, saying that that is different. She insists that the target is not Kasumi, that she is still human, so there is a mistake. Taking the other phrases, especially including “the core of the 4th plan”, she wonders if that is the true aim of Silvio’s presence in Yokohama. Silvio asks her to believe him about the attempt, and Yuuko says fine, since he was useful enough to her, so he can have a reward. When Silvio says that he doesn’t recall receiving one, Yuuko tells him that in his case, it’s more a souvenir. As Silvio tries to get her to hurry, she tells him there is no problem, since on this level, any firearm which is not registered to its owner cannot be used. Isn’t that why he borrowed a Trooper? The doors and partitions are bomb proof up to F9 standards, that’s why this place is like a bomb shelter fortress. Silvio says its better to gather in one place until reinforcements arrive, which Yuuko goes “right right”. She also mentions that over there in this base is also the only person whom the BETA captured and returns alive, shocking Silvio. Yuuko tells them to follow her, and that Yashiro is there as well.

Rebirth 152

Down the rabbit hole...

Rebirth 154

Extra: Girl that the protag cannot imagine being without. Alternative: Brain in a tube.

Yuuko brings them to a blue lit room, in which there is a cylinder filled with blue liquid… and a brain. Kasumi stands beside the cylinder. As Silvio and the others stand at the entrance of the eerie room, Yuuko tells them to go ahead and enter, that it’s safe. As Misae and the Trooper enter as well, Silvio says Kasumi’s name, thinking if she is the only one there, when Kasumi’s says no. Asking about the survivor, Yuuko smugly tells him its in his presence. Looking around, he asks if she is making fun of him, that there is only the brain specimen in the room with Kasumi. Yuuko says that is correct. That is the survivor.

As the shocked Silvio stares at it, Yuuko explains that she who is the brain was discovered in the Yokohama BETA hive, is the only one who returned alive. Silvio, shaken, wonders at it still being alive, under such a condition. As he wonders how, Yuuko says she doesn’t know, but it is certain that it is alive, and Kasumi affirms it. Silvio realizes that it is due to Kasumi being able to recognize the idea from a living mind, and Yuuko continues, saying that when it was discovered, it was already in this state.

Rebirth 153

Misae: "Scary room." Heavily armored trooper: "Ladies first."

The possibility that she was used in experiments, and dismantled while alive, is high… The room was created around the cylinder’s surroundings after. Yuuko admits that even she the genius is unable to understand the technology used to sustain her life. Yuuko says that its really provocative, that they would show the difference in power in such a way. To Silvio, he can only image the tragedy and actions that was done to the poor girl that still lives on, compared to him, who only lost an arm and legs. “It is…hell” Silvio mutters, as he empathizes with her. “However, she is the hope of the Human race”, states Yuuko. The last hope of the human race, her tragedy, which is changed to become the key to victory. “Definitely, without fail…” Yuuko swears with closed eyes. “For the sake of mine and her revenge on the BETA.” With a shaking hand, Silvio squeezes it into a fist, as he tries to absorb the doctor’s words. “Therefore, I will do anything. For this sake, I will gladly sell my soul to the devil” proclaims Yuuko. Silvio recalls how Rentso said the same thing.

Rebirth 155

Bring it on

Suddenly, Kasumi speaks a work of warning. Before he can react, Silvio is hit by the claw of the mechanized suit, and thrown to the wall. As Misae gasped, the trooper steps forward. Silvio analyses the hit as he gets back up, finding that the power output is several times more than a regular type. The trooper speaks, saying that it was finally able to confirm that it is the real thing. Misae and Silvio step in front of the Doctor and Kasumi to protect them, as they stand in the way of the cylinder. The trooper tells Silvio thanks for guiding him there, and to take a rest aside. It tells him that he will not lay a hand on the women if they obey, so rest easy. Yuuko taunts the trooper telling him that if he is trying to assassinate her in the middle of the 4th Plan presentation, it’s a little too late, and Silvio tells her not to say anything aggravating. Yuuko ignores him, saying perhaps it is to make the UN big shots uneasy by having terrorism conducted in their midst. The trooper tells her she is misunderstanding something. He is only her to free the poor soul to god, not to harm a person. Yuuko says that that is just a reason to give to those who are the witnesses.
Rebirth 156

Power Armor's for Pussies

He replies that it is sad that he is not believed. Silvio takes the chance to get in an pre-emptive strike forcing the suit back, and tells Misae to get the other two out while the guards come. The trooper says that those who obstruct his path will not be forgiven, and takes a swing. As Misae cries out Silvio’s name, he ducks it, and the trooper tells that that he did not actually call in for reinforcements just now. Silvio thinks that he can only end it by defeating him, and the trooper says it will end soon, so step aside. As Silvio exchanges blows, he wonders where on earth can he learn CQB against armor.
Rebirth 157

My name... is not!Alex Murphy

The exoskeleton suit exhibits monstrous agility and output, and that the EU ones move in slow motion compared to this guy. Silvio is hit by a combo he could not dodge and thrown to the wall again, and the trooper says this is the end. Silvio, not giving up, charges in again, this time landing a solid blow that knocks away the sensor helmet of the suit. As he looks at the pilot’s face, Silvio is shocked, as the gaunt face of his friend, Rentso is seen. The suit hits an stunned and unmoving Silvio, causing him to take full damage.

Renso speaks to Silvio, calling him Lt Silvio Orlandi, telling him that he did well for an old type. Silvio asks him with halting words, if he is Rentso, and how is he alive. Hearing that, Misae is shocked as well, as she recalls Silvio’s story. The trooper states that so Silvio knows him, but he is sorry, but he has no past. He had thrown away his past for the sake of God, he declares. As Silvio slowly gets up, he asks if Rentso has forgotten everything that was promised and done, which Rentso confirms that that is right. With a happy expression, Rentso expresses that he is filled with hope and the word of God.

Rebirth 158

Blah Blah Blah Superior model... Power Armor's still for pussies...

The cage of the past where the soul is restrained, the poison that suppresses the person’s possibility, all those are not needed. That is why, there is no meaning in knowing his past, Rentso declares. As Silvio realizes that all his thoughts of living in atonement to Rentso are considered poison to Rentso, Rentso asks him, if Silvio has seen any hope in the future? Confused by the question, Silvio thinks that this Rentso must have been brainwashed, as he was an atheist before who would not speak of God’s blessing. However, he swore would not make the same mistake as before, and focuses on defending Misae, Yuuko and Kasumi. However, his body is damaged and can only take one more hit, so he should focus on defending and buying time for the guards to notice the abnormality, even if it takes his life.

Rentso asks if there is no answer, then apologizes as he realizes that looking back he had not actually asked a question, since to say nothing of the future, for Silvio, even the truth of the present is not seen. As Silvio asks what he means, Misae who had slipped to the side unnoticed points a gun at Rentso, telling him not to move, saying that he is too relaxed. Rentso recognizes her, calling her Lt Munakata Misae, and saying that she should not have the security clearance of this floor for her gun.

Rebirth 159

Drop your arms, drop them... I didn't mean literally...!

Misae tells him to shut up, and power down the suit and get out of it. As Silvio wonders at Rentso’s knowledge of Misae’s full name, Rentso asks her how is it that for her who is on this floor for the first time, she can use her gun. Misae tells him not to forget that his head is exposed, that she will not miss at this range. She tells Yuuko to call the guards. Rentso tells her that his quick reaction was shown before, and at Yuuko’s snort of derision, makes a movement with the top mounted minigun. He tells them that as they can see, his trigger cannot move at all, that if the gun is not registered and does not correspond to the assigned users fingerprint, it will not be able to be used on this floor. As Silvio is confused by this truth, Misae yells at Rentso that she told him to be silent in a panicked tone. Rentso continues, telling Silvio that this is the answer, that he does not see the truth.

Rebirth 160

Real bullets don't work

A shot rings out and a little blood falls, and Yuuko tells them to take a close look, that Rentso is a cybreed, the same as Silvio. Looking closer, the bullet wound has already stop bleeding. Rentso tells Yuuko not to insult him, that he is not an obsolete model like Silvio’s, and also not partially, but completely Machine. As Silvio is shocked again, he still realized that the performance of the suit is due to the pilot as well, giving twice the power. Yuuko says with a snarky tone that she doesn’t see how he is much better at all from the fight, and Rentso says he will prove it now. When Rentso boosts that even in The Clean Room that the base is called, they still cannot see his internal structure, to which Yuuko replies that in that she would like to see it then, and asks if his companions called it Relics or Holy Shroud. Rentso says to call it whatever she wants, that he has received special powers from God in this body, and Yuuko tells him to be serious, but that she is still interested in that specialness. As Rentso sprouts hatred at the works of Lucifer obstructing Gods Plan all over the world, Silvio tells him to stop it.

Rentso says that he will open Silvio’s eyes, and tells him that the real reason he was sent to Yokohama, was to expose the Sleeper Agents. Misae shouts at him to stop, but Yuuko tells her it is alright, that since it has come to this it is better let known. As Silvio wonders how much does Misae knows, Rentso continues, saying that Stangna (Sleeper Agents), are agents that have a directivity protein that is injected into the body, but have no awareness of it. Yuuko explains, it is ABS, Artifical Biochemical Substance, that binds to human tissue regardless of means of transmission by injection or oral, which can cause a programmed action to be taken. Rentso comments she knows it well, which she replies that she does tinkering on her own as well. As Silvio is shocked by Yuuko’s causal admission, Rentso grows furious, saying that it is a gift from god. He explains that as it is not a virus, bacteria or nanomachine, there is no immunological system reaction, and is impossible to be discovered unless a special examination is done. The effect and action can be changed by combining different ABS, for example, temporary or complete loss of memory, and making one easy to be influenced by suggestions, or by creation poisons that rival the deadliest creatures on earth, and even to cause the body fats to become high explosives. The start key can be set by conditioning as well. This means that the timing and all is fully automated without need for external transmissions, and the assassins would not even know they are one, so cannot be discovered by Kasumi’s ability.

As Silvio absorbs this information, thinking it is created to counter the 3rd plan espers, and wondering how much human testing must have taken place to put it into practical use, he also wonders how many sleeper agents have he meet but never noticed before. Rentso asks him next, what would he do, if the sleeper agents had infiltrated the EU intelligence army? Silvio tells him not to kid around, that he would definitely search for all of them, using any means. Rentso tells him, that is exactly what Yuuko did, employing him. Silvio says that he does not have the ability, but Yuuko tells him that actually he does. Silvio asks her what does she mean, and Yuuko explains, that though she doesn’t have the full details, in his left eye, his M.O.S has the ability to send interference, is her hypothesis. As a bewildered Silvio says there is no such thing, that she is talking rubbish, Yuuko says it’s just a hypothesis one of many. He insists that he has no memory of such a thing, and Yuuko tells him that is of course, since it seems that it would be ineffective if he is conscious of it. As Silvio tries to deny it again, Rentso tells him that it is the truth, and he should open his eyes already! This causes a flashback when Rentso said exactly the same to him. Rentso tells him, that when he is sexually aroused by a woman, a kind of thought wave is discharged, which strength is dependent on the level of attraction to the woman. The thought wave causes an abnormal unbalancing of the neurotransmitter in ABS carriers, which results in them having uncontrollable extreme emotions. Silvio, still in denial, thinks that the brainwashing Rentso received is making him believe all that, and that Yuuko must be playing along to buy time, that there is no way for such a foolish story.

Rebirth 161

Come, join me, and together, we will rule the galaxy... oh wait, BETA...

Rentso asks Silvio then, that in the past few days while on base, did he not experience unnatural sex appeal seduction frequently? Silvio gets flash backs to the A-01 team’s sexy dress, and the attempts at the PX by Haruka and Mitsuki. Rentso asks that did nobody show the extreme emotion as well? Causing Silvio to recall all the times he heard crazy laughter in the PX, archives, hanger and pool. Rentso asks, wasn’t there a woman that he is attracted to, following him around? As he recalls the actions that Misae took with him, Rentso mentions, that if she is not registered, how is it that she can use the gun. As Silvio stares at Misae, Rentso asks him in a gentle tone, if he is ready to accept it yet? Silvio shakes with rage, Rentso gives a sigh, and says he will clarify one more thing then. He mentions that up to now, Silvio has been clearing out β-breed research organizations across the world, which Silvio hesitantly admits to. Rentso says that he should know by now then, that what he did at this base, was repeated all over the world! Silvio begs him to stop, but Rentso relentlessly continues, telling him that all those organizations and facilities that he had eliminated, were all dummies created by the EU. Silvio screams that that is a lie! Rentso asks him then, that isn’t it strange, that the organization of his collaborator, and the facilities, not a single damage was received? That none of the personnel was jailed or killed as well? Silvio continues to say that those are lies, and delusions, Rentso tells him that he forgot, that Silvio did indeed do some damage. He had burned out a lot of the Sleep Agents around the world… and caused them to be sent to the disposal facilities. Rentso tells him that is correct, that the people who Silvio had suppressed, where people who had no awareness and believed in their own innocence to the end.

Finally breaking, Silvio screams for him to stop, dashing forward to blindly attack. Misae shouts for him to stop, and with distain, Rentso slaps Silvio like a fly, throwing him into the wall. As Silvio shakes off the dizziness, Rentso tells him the tale isn’t over yet. Repeating that he was brought to this base, given a girl that he likes, appealed to ardently, all for the sake of digging up all the sleeper agents. For him who cannot show the ability if he is aware of it, everything was fabricated with care. And whenever he felt the urge and was horny, someone would be deposed of, and killed… And so, without knowing anything, everyone was disposed of by him. Broken, Silvio wonders for what was he fighting for, living for, that everything was meaningless, since the vengeance was not done, nor the atonement complete. As he thinks back on the people he has caused to die, he recalls the old Rentso asking him in the church what is the difference in killing humans on orders and killing them in inhuman experiments, since both are taking away the life God gave. Recalling again that everytime he had a boner, someone died, he realizes that he is the same, the same as the BETA, massacring where ever he goes, even if he was not the one who made them that way. He questions the difference between him and those who experiment on human bodies in β-breed, falling into despair. Yuuko speaks up, telling Silvio that unfortunately, everything Rentso says is the truth. Misae looks at him sadly, and with a heartbroken expression and tears, she apologizes to him. Closing his eyes, he thinks that Misae should not have such an expression, that this is surely his punishment for the crimes he committed. He is sorry for cheating her as well, since if he did not put on the mask of Rentso, he would not have been able to make a pass at a woman. He felt that since that day, the person called Silvio did not exist in the world anymore. Everything, from the time of the BETA outbreak till now, is his fault, he feels.

Rentso asks him why did it happen this way, and when Silvio said it is due to his foolishness, Rentso says no, that he is a victim. The UN and the EU, it was not thought to want to seriously crush them originally, so he was made as a smoke screen. He is lied to, made to use his ability unknowingly, and for what? The Bureaucrats of EU who doesn’t want to be considered part of the UN or the Allegiance, they only want to protect their investments and profits. In order to use up the fiscal budget in order to secure the next year’s, they just endlessly process the Sleeper Agents. Thus brilliant self-preservation system is constructed, and is succeeded from generation to generation. In other words, they see the BETA war as a Business, and the Allegiance as their partners. Silvio recalls the director saying those who had the most refugees would have the greatest say in the UN, and that the refugees have all turned to religion for solace (G: guess that means that the Allegiance religious group has quite a bit of influence in certain areas of the UN as well).

As Silvio is in despair, Rentso asks him one more time… Lt Olandi, in the future you are blessed with, is there any hope? At Silvio’s desolate reply, Rentso says he is relived, since that means he is now able to look straight at the truth. Misae gives a gasp of sadness, as Yuuko and Kasumi let out a short breath of air. Rentso tells him, this world is hell, and… the only refugee is in God’s country. Finally, Rentso asks Silvio, won’t he lend his power to them? As Misae angrily shouts at Rentso how dare you, Silvio wonders if he would be forgiven in Rentso’s judgment, when Rentso asks him to think, who has spoken the truth to him, in this hateful hell, and, who has deceived him, causing Misae to gasp. Rentso asks again, if he would stand beside him. Rentso starts describing the blessings of God on the world, how everything will be saved and sinners sent to hell. Silvio struggles internally, thinking of himself as an irredeemable sinner, yet Rentso says he is still needed. “Everything is ended soon”, says Rentso.

Rentso takes a step forward, and Silvio asks him to please wait. Rentso assures him that he has no intention of harming the doctor. Asking him to wait again, Rentso responses by telling him the reason he lost is not because of the differences in performance, but the presence of belief. Rentso proclaims that an unwavering strong belief in God is needed to fight with the devil. He wants Silvio to join him, and together, become stronger. Therefore, he should wait, and observe his work as an example. Silvio has a flashback of Rentso in the F5 telling him to return to base, that this is the job he is fit to do. Rentso states, that if this world is hell for him, then the cylinder is hell for the person as well. That person’s hell is not allowed to be prolonged any longer. If he has to dirty his hand to save that person soul, he would gladly do so.

Rebirth 162

You Shall Not Pass!

Yuuko steps forward in front of the cylinder to protect it, and Rentso tells her to move aside, as he will give relief. Yuuko tells him to stop joking, that the future of humanity is with this child. Misae tells Yuuko that it is dangerous, and to leave these things to her, but is told that there is no greater danger than to lose the child. Yuuko tells Misae to fall back instead, that this is not her fight. As Misae says there is no sure thing, Kasumi steps in front of her, and Misae tells her to move out of danger as well, which Kasumi refuses to. Misae begs Kasumi, and Yuuko again tells Misae to retreat, that this is hers and Kasumi’s fight. Silvio has a flashback of Rentso in the F5 again saying this is his fight. When Misae says that the Vice-Commander should not take such a risk, Yuuko tells Misae that in this situation is not one to worry about appearances. Silvio flash backs to Rentso saying a it doesn’t matter the strength of a man, only that those who survive must be strong. Yuuko says that for the sake of this child, both her life and Kasumi’s are offered. That is her’s and Yuuko’s revenge on the BETA. She tells Misae to take have a good look, that this is how those who believe in the future fight. As Misae gasps, Silvio has a flash back to the time Misae talks about living in the past.

Rebirth 163

Damn it, used up too much batteries recording Misae...

An alert appears in Silvio’s view, as the system seems to enter into stagnation mode, and his cyborg parts start turning off. Silvio closes his eyes, thinking that it was such a simple thing, that Rentso taught him long ago. That he should not live in the past, but seize the future with any means. In his despair, Silvio sees a ray of hope. He sorts through his feelings and realizes all his actions are ones that look back on the past. And how foolish he was. If only he had realized it sooner. Finally, his system shuts down.

Rentso tells Yuuko again that he does not mean to harm her and to move aside, and Yuuko refuses. Rentso says he has no choice then, and Yuuko asks if he thought that she would give up, and he tells her that as he said before, he would not have mercy on those who hinder him. Yuuko says so what, and as Misae cries out her desperate pleads at Yuuko, Rentso raises the arm of his suit, and praying for their souls, prepares to swing, as Yuuko tells Misae again to get away. Rentso asks God for forgiveness, and punches forward with an Amen.

Rebirth 164

This is the power of Love and Friendship!

Suddenly, Silvio is there, blocking the punch with his hand. Misae exclaims at his appearance. And Rentso asks with shock how can is it he is still able to stand, and even be able to hold against the power suit with one bare hand! Exerting more energy, Silvio forces the arm back, throwing the suit back by force, as Rentso cries out it is impossible. He exclaims at the lowering of power output in the right arm by 40%, and asks how on earth! Misae says his name emotionally, but Silvio addresses the doctor asking her to move to the side together with Kasumi, as they are in the way of his duty. Yuuko agrees, and Silvio addresses Misae (who gasps), asking her to follow the two, which she agrees saying “Um” in a small voice.
Rebirth 164a

Lets finish this

With the other aside, Rentso asks if he intends to obstruct him to the end. Silvio replies that the official duty given to him now is to protect Dr Kozuki. And the true purpose of his presence is to remove him. Since he just tried to harm the doctor just now, Rentso’s removal contradicts neither objective, so there should be no complaints. Rentso says that if he is turning away from Gods hand, it is regrettable, which Silvio says that though it is bad, he is atheist. With that, Rentso declares that he will give him judgment, and moves in. Silvio gets in the first punch, as he had the measure of Rentso’s movements. Rentso says a puppet without faith has no say, that Silvio has nothing to fight for, that the things he borrowed are hollow. Silvio feels that his body is lighter, though he had taken such damage. Rentso continues to call him a clown, who wears a mask of lies for revenge, that his world only he exists in is one of lies and self-righteousness. However, Silvio agrees, saying he is right, it was empty. Rentso insists that that is why for him nothing can be done, nothing can be chosen; he is needed by no one, therefore he can save no one. Silvio shouts, that that man has died a while ago! Rentso asks, is that so, then sink into hell!

Rebirth 166

All too easy...

As Rentso swings his right arm, Silvio spots that it was decoupled and purged, thrown towards the three ladies! Moving in a flash, Silvio dashes in, deflecting the thrown arm with a punch, saving the girls, as he asks if they are safe, Misae gasps his name, pointing behind him. Rentso had used the arm as a distraction, and moved up to the cylinder. As he gloats how simple that was, Silvio cries for him to stop, that is the hope of the human race as he dashes over. Heedless, Rentso says it is time to sleep, and with a Amen, brings the arm down.
Rebirth 167


Rebirth 169


Rebirth 168


As the brain flows out on the floor, and Silvio running over saying no, Rentso takes a step, crushing the brain. The three ladies are shocked at the turn of events, and Silvio recalls how the girl had survived all that the BETA had done to her, only to end like this. Rentso tells him to retain this, that when you make a choice, something will be lost. He congratulates Silvio, telling him that he has grown up, and is able to choose now. Silvio tells Rentso, that it is thanks to him, that he is no longer having to fight, that he no longer draws reason from anger and sadness. Not clinging to someone or something, he will fight for what he believes.

Rebirth 170a

You're gonna pay!

Rebirth 172

You don't mess with the Farso

Rentso says that if he is finished speaking, they should finish this. Silvio states that this time, he will see it through to the last, because, it is taught twice by him. As Rentso is puzzled, Silvio asks him to receive this small thanks. With a series of quick and strong blows, Silvio has Rentso on the defense, knocking him back. Rentso is shocked at the speed, and asks what happened to Silvio, to pressure his latest model, wearing a powered suit no less. Silvio tells him that what he lectured is always correct, that performance isn’t everything, that the difference… is belief. Rentso yells that is nonsense, throwing a punch which Silvio dodges, and getting behind Rentso, in a flash Silvio smashes into the core of the exoskeleton, pulling out the power unit. Rentso ejects from the powered down unit, and saying he is relieved thanks to him, fights with Silvio on foot. Asking if his purpose is to protect the doctor, he would have to kill him to stop him. This is not a matter of belief, but if it is possible for him who indulges in high-sounding statements! With that, Rentso says it is time to end it, in the name of God and the dead, be extinguished! They both move faster than the eye can see, and in a flash, the victor is decided. Rentso is thrown to the floor, gasping as his systems malfunctioned.

Rebirth 174

One shall Stand. One shall fall.

As Rentso spits out his disbelief at losing, Silvio tells him he lost because he had lost himself. Silvio tells him that what he said was correct, that in this hell, the one who spoke truth to him (Silvio looks at Misae), he has understood. What is seen and heard, is not always the truth of the person. That he was not able to tell so, was because of his immaturity. Rentso tells him that he is naïve, and hasn’t changed. He taunts Silvio, trying to get him to slay him. Silvio replies, saying that it was taught twice. The Hell where one is caught in the past, and the hell where one only chases the future. The good and bad are carried on the back of the past, and the future is a light leading the way in the dark, so he lives for the now. As Rentso asks so what of it, Silvio cries internally, thinking that it was how Rentso used to be, and how he wanted to be praised by him. Only now at this stage are these emotions noticed. Silvio tells him, that with this body, he will protect humanity. Silvio thinks that therefore he will end Rentso’s tragedy which he started with the hated left arm, and return his soul. He will take it as his new cross, shouldering it on the way to the execution grounds while being whipped.

Rebirth 175

Impossible! This is madness! I'm Doomed!

Silvio bids Rentso, his brother, goodbye, and just before he hit, Yuuko orders him to wait, saying that though she is sorry to interrupt at this dramatic point, not to kill without permission. She tells him that if the main culprit is killed in this situation, wouldn’t a series of terrorism take place in the EU as well. Silvio thinks on it, concluding that she is right, that once Rentso is disabled, his mission ends. If he is killed in the place that the top secret of the 4th plan is killed, it cannot be denied that it was done to silence the witnesses. To show that the EU is not in league with Alternative 5, Rentso must be used. Yuuko tells him since this is the case, to give it up, and in any case, since it has come to this, that fellow is now fairly useful. Silvio thought that since the child that was vital to the 4th plan was lost, the chance to get the technology that was used in Rentso must be recovered at any cost now. As Silvio considers that by selecting, something is lost, which means that, by choosing to protect the doctor, he had chosen to take part in the Alternative 5 plan. That is his crime.

As Silvio was brooding over his actions, Yuuko tells him that incidentally, she might be able to return his friend back to himself. Silvio asks if that is true, if the memory can be returned, which Yuuko says that there is still a chance, and if they do not try they will never know. She asks him for his choice, and though Silvio is suspicious about her intentions, after thinking about it, realizes that he is mistaken about her intentions. He thought that her plan for revenge was because of the feelings of humiliation at the difference of the technology from the BETA, for her pride, but… Silvio tells her that this person is now her captive, and to please do the treatment if possible. He begs her to help him, even though he was not able to protect that child, as he is the only family he has. Yuuko says that she understands, and that he can consider this one of the rewards. Silvio thanks her, and looking at the puddle, apologizes to the child that he was not able to defend her, that it is his stupidity that causes their revenge to be unable to be accomplished, and that wanting to save the Rentso that took her life, is his selfishness. As he makes a last promise to her, he turns to look at the others, suddenly there is an explosion at the door.

Guards come pouring in, moving to secure Rentso. A familiar voice is heard as well, as Yoroi Sakon appears, instructing them to bind the prisoner. Silvio wonders at the familiar voice, as Yoroi continues to coordinate the securing of the prisoner. Finally seeing his face, Silvio remembers that this is the Empire intelligence agent. Yuuko greets him, saying that she was tired of waiting for him, which Yoroi returns asking about her safety, and Yuuko replies saying he has a regrettable expression on his face (now that she is safe). He denies it, saying that he was so worried about her that his cheeks have sunk, and Yuuko counters that it was already sunk from the beginning. Yoroi laughs, saying that it looks like they do not seem to have any injuries, which has Silvio wondering if he is seen, if anything with serious injuries. Suddenly he recalls, that this voice, is the voice from the tape! Troll-kon steps up to Silvio, saying that he did a good job protecting Yuuko, greeting him as Lt Silvira family (as he avoids saying in the pattern he used on the tape).

Rebirth 176

Found you at last, Mr Tape... Lets have a little talk...

Yuuko mocks him saying that isn’t there several more letters. Sakon calls him the greatest treasure of the EU intelligence force, “Farso”, saying that that is no lie. As Silvio remains silent, Sakon laughs some more, saying that even though he is a cybrid, he never expected him to be able to defeat a armored trooper, more so ever one that is piloted by a Cybri- before he can finish the sentence, Silvio punches the wall beside him, cracking the wall and leaving a hole, before walking off. Yoroi without a change in expression, laughs, saying that it looks like he is hated. Yuuko says she heard, and Misae is seen standing silently.

Rebirth 177

I was only doing my duty...

At a well known tree on top of a hill, Misae stands waiting for Silvio. She asks if he is going already, and Silvio says that the duty in Yokohama has ended. Misae says she sees, and Silvio that before that, there is still unfinished business here. Misae says she understands, that they, no she, had been cheating him this whole time. As Misae says that she will not apologize or make excuses, Silvio steps closer, taking hold of Misae’s arm. Blushing, she asks what is it, and Silvio tells her, that it was her duty, and it was him who was deceived that was immature, that is all. Stepping closer to her, Misae whispers that he is close, too close, and Silvio asks her, is it the true her? Misae says it is, so what is it, and Silvio tells her, that the feminine her was good, but the her now is more wonderful. Blushing, Misae takes a quick step back, saying that she thought they were having a serious talk. Silvio interrupts her, thanking her, telling her that thanks to her, he can now begin to live his own life. Misae doesn’t understand, and asks what he means. Silvio talks about an old tale, about how Rentso and him came from an orphanage for war survivors, and how they were like brothers. He was loud and easygoing with a sharp tongue, making fun of him to the point of angry tears. When Silvio is bullied, he would defend him. Strong and cool… though he was not obedient, he was still a gentle person. Silvio asks her if she has someone like that as well, and Misae agrees, laughing. Silvio continues, saying though he says older brother, it may have been like a father as well. He thinks back to when Rentso would use sarcasm at his prayers, trying to get him to move on from it, recognizing it as not true belief, but as a substitution of the home and family that was lost. Silvio tells her, what Rentso preached to him is always correct, he knew it as a kid. They had some arguments with Silvio growing to dislike Rentso’s sarcasm, and when he tried to interfere in everything. Though it was objected to, he made the effort to get assigned to the same Intelligence unit as Rentso, and then… Competing on the same level, what Rentso could not do, Silvio did. Misae asks if he wanted to look down on him, and Silvio tells her, no, he wanted to be recognized, to be told by him that he is great, to be praised. That is what he understood in the fight with him. It was only to have been accepted by him, at last it was possible to understand. Though it was unable to know when he was near, now that he is far, he finally understands. Silvio tells her that Yuuko’s speech and actions then, reminded him of Rentso a lot.

Rebirth 178

Wh-what do you want...I'm not going to say sorry...

Misae says that even so she does not see where he has to thank her. Silvio tells her, that the behavior and speech of the doctor and Rentso was too much alike, so he wasn’t able to notice with that alone. The words of both were indirect to me, and only the vague outline was caught. He had though back to her story from the bar, and recalls the way she said that person was hiding their self, looking at the past. With that alternative point of view, the speech and behavior of Rentso was understood, and Silvio’s own true intentions were noticed. Using her easy to understand story, he was able to mediate with Rentso and Yuuko. Misae says that’s good, that she understands. Silvio exclaims a little, and Misae asks what. He tells her its ok, that they can drop the pretense, that the story, was about her. He tells her that at that time when he was drowning in despair, he was ready to take Rentso’s hand. However, her story is recalled, and all was understood. <p class="MsoNormal" style="mso-margin-bottom-alt:auto">
Rebirth 179

This is...not goodbye...

Rebirth 179a

The next time we meet, I will become a man worthy of slaying you...

Rebirth 179b

Until then...stay alive...

Misae, after a while, laughs a little, saying she was found out. She states that after all, she cannot bluff the eyes of a real intelligence officer, which Silvio replies that he was manipulated by that amateur party. She tells him she has no intention of apologizing, but she has something to say as well. She was taught by him as well, learning from his long suffering, and how he continues to stand up regardless. She, has not shouldered anything, only clinging on to the past. Though she notices it, she foolishly keeps looking away. She wants to be like him, to have the courage to leave the past, and some day, to step forward again. She doesn’t think she can change drastically like him, and will surely fall many times. Still, she will no longer stand still, that is her limit now. Silvio tells her, that the person repeats the same mistake, but it only has to face forward and keep walking. The ring which is the same path gradually forms a spiral, and will eventually reach the height that one aims at soon. Misae says she will carve those words into her heart. Silvio tells her that he too, reached there, and was able to believe so. He tells her that it was taught by many others as well, who lived their own fight. Yuuko, everyone in the Valkyries, and the unknown girl of tragedy. Misae thanks he, saying she was glad to have met him, which Silvio says him too. He tells her, that he will be sure to become a suitable man for her, and return to defeat the man who stays on her mind. Misae laughs, asking how many woman have he said the same to. Silvio tells her, she is the first, which Misae says it’s a lie. He tells her that she is not told a lie any longer, that the clown mask made of others are buried in the past. As Silvio Orlandi, this is the beginning.
Rebirth 180

Ho ho ho, I was just watching the birds and the bees...

At his words, Misae blushes, and Silvio tells her, therefore, now… He steps in close, and holding her hand, kneels, and kisses it. He tells her to forgive him in this for now, and Misae makes a sound of agreement. He tells her to be prepared, the next time he will slay her. Misae snorts, saying they she will slay him first. Silvio tells her to stay alive, until that day, and she tells him to, as well. Silvio mentions it is time, and Misae asks that there should still be time. He tells her that it is still necessary to settle things with others. As Misae is surprised, he bids her goodbye, and promises to return. Misae bids him goodbye as well, and he walks away.

Rebirth 180a

I don't do things by halves... (drops a wedding catalog)

Alone, Misae, sighs, and calls out, telling Touko she knows she is there. Touko appears, saying as expected of Misae, ho ho ho. Touko says she was breathless, thinking that they are going to kiss. Misae tells her that she is misjudged, that she is not one to do things by halves. Touko says that is so, and apologizes, but mentions that she seems not to be unprepared as well. Misae says didn’t she tell her, that she doesn’t do things by halves. Touko asks what does she mean by that, and Misae just laughs. Touko is surprised and asks does that mean… Misae says to the sky, that she too, has to settle some things, shocking Touko with the news.

The Partner / The Final BriefingEdit

Silvio waits in Yuuko’s room, apologizing to her when she arrives for waiting without permission. Yuuko is surprised, and praises him for being able to locate this room. Silvio tells her that since he was dismissed before the yesterday's meeting session he had enough time to investigate. She affirms her understanding, mentioning that the pass to the above level is still valid. Silvio confirms it, saying that though he thought it might be a trap, he wanted to greet her before leaving Yokohama base. Yuuko says he is too polite, to risk his life to come all the way. Or is he worried about his friend? Silvio denies it, saying that he knows she is not a careless woman who would take back her words. Yuuko laughs, saying that she is overrated to say so much of her after she had deceived him so much. Silvio scoffs, telling her that fake modesty is unbecoming of her. He tells her that his waiting her is not just for greeting her. Silvio says that he wants to heard the answer from her, and Yuuko says answer huh. She says that still it is amazing that he reached this place, that the name of “Greatest Treasure of the EU Information Bureau” is not just for show. Silvio tells her to stop it, that it is the title of the clown. Yuuko ask him if it is annoying, and he asks her, the vixen of Yokohama, if everything was planned, completely. Yuuko fakes ignorance, asking what does he mean, and Silvio says in no uncertain terms, that all the matters was planned by her from the start, does she deny it. Yuuko says if it was about her and the EU working together, it was already admitted, and what his friend said was true in general. Silvio says not to make small talk, which Yuuko asks what does he want then.

Silvio tells her that when he saw this floor, he had instinctively laughed for a moment, at the perfect replication of the floor above this one. He guesses that the security guards that rushed in at the end were arranged from the beginning. If things had gone bad, it would have been put to a stop. When Yuuko reminds silent, he continues, saying the use of him to smoke out the sleeper agents might also be important too. Though her aim isn’t only that, he predicts. Silvio tells her, her true purpose if to lure out Rentso to Yokohama, so that when the cylinder is destroyed, misinformation is delivered to those backing the 5th plan. With the capture of Rentso, the technology which is derived by those without ethics is received, and reverse engineered. He asks her, isn’t this the master plan that she created? She asks him, such a troublesome plan, what on earth would she do it for? Silvio asks her, that according to his sources, isn’t it because she has come to a standstill on the 4th plan. This presentation, the bait which was prepared for Rentso, and though the presentation wasn’t seen, perhaps like her original research, results similar to a full body β hybrid has been announced.

Yuuko sits up, asking him on what grounds he makes those conjectures. Silvio replies, based on the top secret of the 4th plan, the brain in the cylinder, and Kasumi’s ability to recognize biometrics remotely. A person who has made used of BETA technology, would have the best compatibility with β-breed technology as well. That’s why Rentso was allowed in so easily, since there is interest in the structural materials, and BETA information for the research. It is possible to derive from these, that a mobile receptacle for the brain, or rather, a pseudoliving body only for her… Silvio tells Yuuko, that though it might be lies, she does hope for the girl’s achievement of revenge equally to her own goals. Silvio feels that he finally understood, and tells her that the more he gets to know her, the more he is unable to not consider her human. He thinks that he sees that Yuuko loves the world, the world before the BETA came, that ugly and beautiful world, she sincerely loved it. And her existence, is the symbol of the world take by the BETA. It is her faith, no one else’s, but her own, created by herself. Therefore, like Rentso, they are able to do what they have to, taking all the sins upon themselves. At last, Silvio felt he understood.

Yuuko finally speaks, that she sees, but to consider, that if what he inferred about the cylinder is as what he said, then why would she show it to the intelligence officer of a potentially hostile organization, namely the EU. And before that, just to deceive him, how much was revealed to Misae, who is a mere eishi? Yuuko says he must have investigated about Misae and the others in the last few days, isn’t it. Silvio thinks its natural to investigate, though they have been closed mouth, so as much truth as rumors could be learned from their manner. He tells her, that for Misae and the Valkyries team, for the data that were made to believed are fake to trap him, the truth is made from both falsehood and truth, such that even relates cannot tell, and is moved as she wanted. It is nothing less than completely brilliant. He thinks that most people would only see what they want to see, and even if the truth is shown, only the truth one wants is accepted. The girl that was captured by the BETA and ended up a brain, and the gene manipulated girl born from an artificial womb. It must be a powerful Eishi force, beyond imagination, which means he sub-consciously refused to recognize the impossible.

Rebirth 182

Wanting to stare at a brain... you're weird...

Feeling that he is ready, he tells the doctor that it is enough. He does not need the answers, though he only wants to make the farewells. Yuuko praises him, saying that for the serious talk, he is fairly competent. Yuuko tells him that she like him, so wouldn’t he becomes hers, which Silvio instantly refuses. She says that is too bad, though she admires his prompt answer, and now wants him more. Silvio says he will take it as a compliment. Yuuko says to herself, that the real one is wanted to be seen. She says that is good, and to follow her. She takes him to the room, mentioning that the security of this room cannot be broken through. In the room, Silvio sees the same layout, the cylinder, and Kasumi. Yuuko tells him that though it is the first meeting by rights, but to go ahead and greet as much as he wants. Stepping to the cylinder, he thinks that she is safe, and that is good. He greets her in his mind, introducing himself. He mentally talks to her, telling her that though it is an odd topic for a first meeting, when he first met her, he thought that it was impossible to think her circumstances to be someone else’s problem. Silvio pours out his thoughts, about how he worked through his emotions, and how he had help from her to sort out his future, for which he sincerely wishes to express his gratitude to her, the tragic girl that he doesn’t know the name of. He swears to her, that he will return the future to her, same as she gave it to him. His battle is sure to continue to give her a future.

Silvio finishes, and steps back. Yuuko asks if he finished, and tells her he wishes to express his thanks. Yuuko said she thought he would be angry, which Silvio thinks he can control his emotions to fight for his own sake even if the humiliation is suffered. He tells Yuuko that there is just one more thing, about how Rentso is now. Yuuko tells him that the condition is steady now, and inspection would take place soon, but questioning is impossible, since the memory disappeared already. She explains that the directive protein was activated, probably with the destruction of the child as the key, that every time he completes the mission the memory is erased. She tells him to be relived, since there is still the possibility of successfully reproducing the character at least, if it is wanted. Silvio asks her to.

Yuuko says she has a few questions for him then, what is his feeling of the conditions of his body, and if he feels that he has recovered from the damage faster. Silvio thinks that the recovery is faster as said, though the damage was lighter. Yuuko laughs saying that it went well, and can be used for trial purposes. Silvio, shocked, asks her what does she mean by that. Yuuko tells him that when he was sleeping, she swapped his electromagnetic expansion and carbonic actuator. Silvio asks what did she say, and Yuuko explains that she used prototypes made for that child’s body, during the time where he had overslept, that day. Silvio remembers the time Misae had to come get him, and is momentary thrown off balance. He asks her that his body was remodeled without permission, and she tells him its not remodeling but replacement, and with the latest prototypes what more. With it he was able to defeat his friend, so everything should be fine. Silvio recalls the lightness of his body, and the energy… Yuuko says of course, that thinking the power came by him having spirit and love is groundless like the occult. Silvio thinks that the guard cannot be let down around this women, and asks if he was used for her(the child) test bed, which Yuuko says something like that, and tells him though he got knocked down, he did not die at least. She mentioned that she actually got some good combat data from his hard work unexpectedly. She says that though the durability was increased post retrofit, the topping up of the transformer cells took time, and only activated when he fainted and rebooted. Silvio says, that if he is able to contribute to her even a little, then it is good. She tells him that it definitely contributes, and this event proved her study results. It is good to have beaten the top model of the other side using the top model of this one as well, she adds.

Silvio says she should be in the intelligence unit, which she totally refuses, saying even the Vice-Commander role is disliked. That is why she said, someone of his capabilities would be very useful. Silvio says he will not become her follower, and Yuuko says she knows. Silvio says that however, if it is to fight to regain her future, he has no regrets risking his life. He says that her real intention when he asked her to return Rentso’s memories at that time, is him, and that after making the choice, he is prepared to lose something, however there is a fight she must give to him, to be useful for her future, and also for Yuuko’s revenge. Yuuko asks what about his fight, and Silvio answers he will crush those who seek to profit from the war, the Bureaucrat of the United Nations and European Union, the Allegiance, The fifth plan… anyone is given, he will smash. He thinks that this time, he will fight for his own beliefs, to defend Humanity using the non-humanity in him. He proposals to the doctor, to pair with him, as an equal partner. Yuuko agrees, on two conditions. First, no matter what is seen in the world, do not have the mentality that everything has been seen already. Second, not to give in to extreme reactions, not to fall into the trap of a war of anger and sorrow, or it will become the same as the BETA when feelings are lost. That is all. Silvio feels that those conditions is like what the teacher of the war orphan center says, and thinks Yuuko is Shrewd. He agreess to it, Yuuko says that the business is completed then, and that he is a considerably troublesome man. Silvio says for the common goals, they can work together.

Yuuko tells him that to commemorate the partnership, she will giving him some nice information. There is a mass terrorism plot of the Allegiance group targeting the United Nations forces base of Alaska which occurs in two or three days. Silvio is shocked by this bombshell, thinking that the Alaska base, Yukon base, is the stronghold of the Prominence Plan that the UN and EU is promoting. He asks if Alt 5 plans to crush the Prominence plan, which Yuuko says that the true aim might be different, however this information, at the very least he can stay on top of it. Silvio asks if the Intelligence Army HQ knows about it, thinking it is suspicious that there is no alert for him who is not on duty for such a large scale terror attack. Yuuko replies that the bureaucrats who do not want to have trouble with the fifth project promotion group, tried to get rid of him here right? Then her offer is very timely. Silvio thinks that if the information was received ahead, then she would be sure to use the time to plan… He asks her, if the timing of the presentation which was announced in haste, meant to cover the terrorism. Yuuko replies with don’t know, and Silvio starts thinking, that even if the 5th plan is behind it, the world wide resources that can be deployed would still be limited. With the time that the surprise attack takes place at Yukon, not many military resources can be diverted to Yokohama, However, when the terrorism is aimed at Yokohama, it is easier to plan for the greatest effect with the minimum military forces. If both the Japanese Empire’s 4th Plan and the Prominence Plan of the EU gets simultaneous multiple terrorist attacks, the fifth plan would be accused of doing something and will receive worldwide criticism. That is the reason Rentson did not aim directly at the doctor. Silvio is in awe at the plans Yuuko made, extremely tough as an opponent, but more reliable than 10 000 troops as an ally.

Yuuko asks him what he will do, and Silvio asks if he will not be able to move due to injury, which she tells him its all good. All preparations are complete, there is a HSST standing by, ready to fly at any time. Silvio mutters that her preparation is good, and Silvio considers that the time is correct to act. Suddenly Sakon’s voice is heard from behind telling Silvio to hurry up then, causing Kasumi to hide behind Yuuko. Silvio spins around, looking for Sakon, though no sign was received up till now. Sakon walks into view, telling them that information was received that the Yukon region is developing a bad stink. Silvio is shocked, and Sakon continues telling him that everything needed for action is already arranged on the plane, such as counterfeit ID and communications equipment, so there is no need to be served and use them. Silvio says he will do so, and turning to Kasumi, tells her that he wants to speak to her properly next time, so they can speak slowly when he returns, and Kasumi replies with a hesitant bye…bye. Yuuko informs him to take the central glide slope, 14 gate, and to hurry up. Silvio tells her that incidentally who the puppet master is has not been heard yet, and he tells her to prepare for it, when he returns. With that, Silvio takes off, dashing to the HSST.