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WARNING: This article aims to present a fairly detailed timeline of events from Muv-Luv Alternative. Therefore, it contains heavy SPOILERS and it's not recommended to read it before playing the game. You have been warned.

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A squad of UN TSFs exploring TODO: finish this

Episode 1: The Light of Other DaysEdit

22 October 2001Edit

The narration starts with Shirogane Takeru waking up in his own room. After initial confusion, he concludes that the world he woke up in matches the one from his memories from Muv-Luv Unlimited and that time has somehow looped to day 1. He doesn't know the reason for the time looping nor does he remember how and if did he die in MLU timeline after the final stages of the Alternative V plan. To check his timeloop hypothesis, he walks to Yokohama Base. TODO: finish this

23 October 2001Edit

Takeru declaration to Yuuko he'll become an Eishi TODO

24 October 2001Edit

Takeru training, impressing, motivating and renaming squadmates, meets Kasumi first time - handshake, TODO

25 October 2001Edit

Kasumi wakeup

Episode 2: Soldier, Ask NotEdit

25 October 2001Edit

small Arms training - improving aim in TSF - Tamase sniping check to confirm aim (worried he changed timeline so much Tamase won't be able to shoot HSST) TODO

1 November 2001Edit

small arms - putting together rifles & Takeru sniping, teammates conscription suspicion, Mikoto meet & gender check, Kasumi visit & convo about dude Mikoto TODO

2 November 2001Edit

melee training-Meiya, Sumika flashback and mention to squad during eating, Chop-kun likeness, first aid training, artificial respiration - Mikoto, chain of command Chizuru discussion, trying to convince Yuuko about Sadogashima TODO

11 November 2001Edit

Kasumi wakeup, date of predicted Sadogashima attack, dependant on player's actions TODO

The day before CCSEEdit

Marimo announces southern island vacation for squad TODO

Episode 3: Across The IslandEdit

CCSE: Day 1Edit

assigned to Mikoto TODO

CCSE: Day 2Edit

Takeru & Mikoto adventures, snakes & stuff TODO

CCSE: Day 3Edit

Squad meetup TODO

CCSE: Day 4Edit

gun battery, CCSE finish TODO

CCSE: Day 5Edit

Beach relax TODO

21 November 2001Edit

Kasumi wakeup - seashell, ocean TODO

Episode 4: Unrewarding GloryEdit

21 November 2001Edit

Marimo lecture explaining TSFs and their computers, feeding before TSF trials prank with squadmate choice, Eishi aptitude testsTODO

22 November 2001Edit

Eishi training courses record score, TODO

Episode 5 TODOEdit

3 December 2001Edit

yuuko explains alternative worlds TODO


4 December 2001Edit

during breakfast mt tengen eruption news was broadcast TODO ayamine's letter, ayamine roof meeting

5 December 2001Edit

kasumi wake up early 4AM TODO ALARM - coup d'etat, yoroi tamase father, base CO, ayamine's "lover" leading rebellion

6 December 2001Edit

still coup d'etat


10 December 2001Edit

wake-up in MLE world TODO double-slit experiment explanation in flashback silenced door for sumika by meiya in extra flashback take printed paper from yuuko at school weirdness noticed by friends at school sumika writes down weird convo in her diary

9 December 2001Edit

wake-up in alt world by yuuko TODO yuuko super happy she can complete 00 unit finally go to sleep with yashiro assembly in auditorium for general radhabinod speech graduation to real eishi, change of uniforms etc, thanks to sgt marimo class rep approaches with takeru reminding him to write his will yuuko tells why combat tests of new OS are important to do tomorrow

10 December 2001Edit

XM3 trials TODO during trials beta attack

Episode 8: After The Tears FallEdit


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