A fandisc for Muv-Luv, released on December 17th, 2004, containing several stories.

Sakura no Hana ga Saku Mae ni ~Muv-Luv After EpisodeEdit

Before the Sakura Trees Bloom is an after story to Sumika's route in Muv-Luv Extra, starting in February 2002, showing the events where Takeru, Sumika, Ayamine, Sakaki, Yoroi and Tama graduate from Hakuryou Academy. The story was later included in photonflowers.

Muv-Luv DuelistEdit

A non-canon story based on the Rumbling Angel card game. Features some new characters and the return of an old one.

Takeru wakes up from his house and notices that Meiya and Sumika aren't around. He goes to his school to find Gohda Jouji stopping him and challenging him to a card game, but is interrupted by Nanase Rin, a first-year student. After Nanase beats Gouda, she realizes the current Takeru is from another world and teaches him how to play, and gives him her brother's deck. Takeru then goes around challenging his classmates, beating them.

After he beats Sumika, Nanase challenges Takeru to a duel - when Takeru wins Nanase reveals that her true goal to collect a large amount of "Ars Magna" and revive her deceased brother. Yuuko, however, interupts her attempt, and reveals that Nanase's brother is still alive but captured, along with the Shirogane Takeru of this world. The story ends with Takeru, Nanase, Meiya, Kashiwagi, Sakaki, Sumika, Ayamine, Miki, Mikoto and Gouda going to Sweden to rescue Nanase's brother and Takeru.

Muv-Luv ~Another Episode Collection~Edit

Also known as the Heroine Short Story Collection, it's a batch of short stories that take place prior to and during Extra, each one centered around one of the main heroines. They were later included in photonflowers. Contains the following stories:

  • "Together with Takeru-chan!" - The story is told from Sumika's perspective. Takeru, Mikoto and Sumika go to the beach and have a great time.
  • "Shirogane... Eat With Me?" - Takeru, Sumika and Ayamine go to a summer festival. Ayamine eats yakisoba and they watch the fireworks. Later, Takeru and Ayamine have a talk on the school's roof.
  • "Takeru-san's Tail" - centered around Tamase
  • "Shirogane-kun, wait!" - centered around Sakaki
  • "His Name is Takeru" & "My Name is Meiya" - two stories centered around Meiya

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