• The freaky characteristic flame-like phenomenon that goes along with it
  • An example of the what an Esper's eyes look like during this.
  • An Su-47E exhibiting Prafka phenomena
An Esper-related phenomenon which is closely related to Prafka. Its appearance is easily recognizable as a cloud of psychic energy will gather around the TSF that is piloted by the Esper who is giving off the effect.

The Nastroyka effect appears when an Esper's prafka levels and psychic energy has reached their zenith, and is a physical manifestation of this unnatural level of power. The natural color for the Nastroyka effect is blue, but has also been observed in other colors like red.

Esper control pods can create the Nastroyka effect, as the Espers inside are still alive and aware. Because of the artificial process of inducing Prafka, however, the Nastroyka effect of a pod is a reddish hue, rather than the natural blue.

This effect will also surround any TSFs slaved to the Esper's machine. These TSFs must specifically be those that are controlled via psychic link rather than through the use of traditional OS systems.


  • It could be derived from the russian word "Настройка".
  • This phenomena has some similarities to the "Psyco Field" used by the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, or to the full-output mode of the "NITRO System", found on the MSN-001X Gundam Delta Kai.

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