Submarines have taken on a radically different role from their past uses in the Unlimited/Alternative timeline, with their firepower more focused on launching bombardment attacks from the relative safety of underwater towards surface targets. American and Japanese submarines are also configured as tender craft to carry the A-6 Intruder, and, in the US Navy's case, as well as the A-12 Avenger, for use in establishing footholds on BETA-held shorelines during high-intensity assault operations.

Japanese SubmarinesEdit

Type-81 Submarine UnitEdit

Submarines of the line: Takashio, various others.

A licensed production of the Skate-class, the Type-81 Submarine Tender (Japanese designation: 81式潜航ユニッ) is a submarine type deployed by the Imperial Navy. Capable of mounting a Type-81 Wadatsumi on its bow, the Type-81's main purpose is to launch the TSA while approaching the shoreline, and to aid allied units in the establishment of a land-based staging point alongside its assigned A-6J via sea-to-shore support fire and bombardment.

American SubmarinesEdit

Swordfish-class Submarine TenderEdit

Submarines of the line: -

The first submarine tender, the Swordfish-class can mount one A-6 Intruder on its bow.

Los Angeles-class Submarine TenderEdit

Submarines of the line: -

A submarine class with improved uptime.

Soviet SubmarinesEdit

Akula-class SubmarineEdit

Submarines of the line: -

Soviet-production nuclear submarine, it is also identified by its NATO codename, the Typhoon-class. Before the BETA invasion, these submarines were an unwelcome reminder of Soviet naval power; now, they serve an important role ferrying supplies to the Mediterranean and providing armed support.


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