Ranging from troop landers to logistic transports, these oft-unarmed vessels play an important backstage role in fleet strategy, transport, and logistics.

American Support Ships Edit


Metal coffin on rubber wheels

(MLA) LCACs of the United Nations.

A hovercraft type, the LCAC-1 (Landing Craft Air Cushion-1) is a versatile amphibious craft that allows rapid transport of infantry, small-scale weapons systems, logistic needs, and other essentials from ship to land, or in the case of evacuation, from shore to sea. However, their small size means that these craft are not intended to engage in direct combat against BETA.

The type' operational history in Unlimited/The Day After is not known.

Several of them were present during Operation 21st, performing shore landings for the IJN fleet.

Sacramento-class Support Ship Edit

Ships of the line: USS Seattle

An older class of support ships.

Gopher State-class Support Ship Edit

Ships of the line: -

A large support ship, the Gopher State-class handles the majority of transport, resupplying, freight, and other logistic needs in a fleet. One such ship was deployed with the John F. Kennedy and its battlegroup that was en route to Hawaii after Operation Babylon.

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