Operation Swaraj was a military operation undertaken in 1992 by UN forces against the Bhopal Hive, located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.[1]


In 1992, with the BETA invasion of the Indian subcontinent raging on, a decision was made to launch a counteroffensive operation in order to capture a Hive and restore control of the region to humanity. Operation Swaraj was thus planned and implemented; forces were mainly contributed by the UN Forces, the African Union, and the various South-East Asian nations.[2] As part of the UN Forces, units from as far as the Empire of Japan were also present; the Kii-class battleships Kii and Owari served in the operation theater.[3] The operation was also the first where orbital assault tactics were first applied.[2]

During the operation, intelligence-gathering was prioritized, as the Hive had already reached Phase 4; however, after assault units had penetrated 511 meters into the Hive interior, contact was lost when units above-ground that were responsible for data transmission were eliminated. The assault units remained unaccounted for to the end.[1]

Personnel from Alternative III were also present during this operation, using the pretext of Hive capture to gain easier access to a Hive interior. Vsadnik Squadron of the Alternative III A-01 Special Reconnaissance Force was sent to participate in this battle;[4] however, attempts to gain further insight into the thought processes of the BETA failed, and the squadron suffered heavy losses in the attempt.[2]

In the end, the operation to secure the Bhopal Hive was a failure; however, the operation bought enough time for the Indian defence line to be rebuilt, allowing human forces to retain their foothold on the Indian subcontinent for another two years.[1]


Despite the major introduction of orbital assault tactics and the rebuilding of the Indian defence line, the failure to secure the Bhopal Hive meant that the subcontinent remained under heavy threat from the BETA. This would eventually culminate in the total loss of the Indian subcontinent in 1994; with the region under control, the BETA would immediately intensify eastward efforts against China.[5]

To facilitate a frontline for further operations against the BETA in India, the Andaman Base would later be established.[6]


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