VLCpic-Macho personified Unfortunatly

A Bit too Macho for our own Good...

An United Nations officer of Project PROMINENCE. He seems to be incharge of Propoganda Efforts. Is apparently the ranking officer amon the various Test Flight COs, as he's a Captain (O3) while the others are 1st Lieutenants (O2).

Organized the propoganda photo shoot and team building activeties that took place on June 21st, 2001 in the West Indies at the Guadalupe Base. After Yuuya, Cryska, and Yui get rescued from being shipwrecked, he orders both the Scarlet Twins and Yui to show off their best swimwear for the Base.

Later, due to his concern with the mindset the Blue Flag exercises promote (increased nationalistic fervor, represented in barfights and ridiculous levels of betting), he orchestrated a 'International Friendship Meeting' for the participants of the Blue Flag exercies that included a visit to a natural Alaskan Hot Spring. Secretly ordered Ibrahim Doğulu to film the entirety of the 'Outdoor Mission'. Orson was last seen thouroughly enjoying said footage.

Basically the In-universe Reason for the Fanservice in the Anime.

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