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Pham Thi Lan
ファム・ティ・ラン(范 氏蘭)

Lan BDU 1
Lan, in her fatigues.

Lan Fortified Suit 1
Lan, in her fortified suit.

Pham bdu anime
Pham Thi Lan,outline sketch for anime

Birthday October 2, 1960
Nationality East German
Relations Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Father
Younger sibling(s)
Features Black hair, tied in buns
Amber eyes
Slim, buxom build
TSF MiG-21 Balalaika
Voice Actor Emiri Katō
Game Appearance Schwarzesmarken

Pham Thi Lan is one of the many 2nd generation Vietnamese immigrants in East Germany. She is the 2IC (2nd in command) of the 666th TSF Squadron Schwarzesmarken, her call sign is Schwarzesmarken 02, and she is normally in charge of group 2 when the squad has to split their formation. She has a calm demeanor and on the battlefield, she tends to give the most precise commands. She knows Shaolin Kung Fu and is very proficient in it and as a result, her small stature is not to be underestimated.

Racism was almost bothering her family through this yellow-skinned girl's life. While legally a child who was born in East Germany would be a new citizen, but most local Germans hardly treated her and her siblings like "true" East Germans. Even in the army, she was always called "yellow monkey" for quite a while till she came under the command of Irisdina Bernhard.

Gallery Edit

  • "My smile changes nothing about the racism against Vietnamese migrants, but I still hope it may lend support to every heart."
  • "Give yourself up! Cease your resistance Katia Waldheim!"
  • Pham anime sketch

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