VLCpic-Scalett Twin MurderMode

An example of the Scarlett Twins in Murder Mode

A mysterious phenomenon that gives the Russian espers unmatched abilites during combat. With the use of this phenomenon, Inia Sestina and Cryska Barchenowa have earned their title of "Scarlet Twins".

The Polnoye Zatmeniye Plan is focused on harnessing this effect in combat situations against BETA, and humans.

The Prafka effect is categorized by a percentage ratio based on the activity's "strength", along with a Level designation. The link between espers can be measured within a decimal point of time delay between their synchronized actions, but requires an adjustment tank to accurately diagnose and fix.

A catalyst can be used to induce Prafka, or enter the Esper into a mindset that makes it easier for Prafka to be activated. These catalysts often have a deep emotional connection with the Esper. Yuuya Bridges acted as Cryska and Inia's catalyst.

Related somehow is the Nastroyka Effect.


During this, Inia and Cryska are observed to speak in perfect unison and talk like one person. It allows Espers to "synchronize" with one another, their bodies moving in unison and combining their heightened senses into one. Prafka, put simply, greatly increases the effectiveness of an Esper-piloted TSF to superhuman levels for the time it is activated, and as long as it is maintained at a stable level.

The Prafka effect is put to use effectively in TSFs designed to take advantage of the Espers and their psychic abilities, such as the Su-47E variant which is designed to house an esper control pod and allows the pod to control the TSF without need of the control joysticks or pedals. These pods contain Espers that can link with one another through Prafka, allowing their TSFs to move in tandem and increase their combat effectiveness. This method has even been shown to allow a capable 3rd Generation TSF, the Su-47E Berkut, to dodge Laser-class beams: a feat once thought impossible.

Espers, however, have also been shown to be incredibly sensitive to the effect and how it is induced. For example, Inia Sestina, a particularly gifted Esper that had developed a catalyst in Yuuya Bridges, was shown twice to be overwhelmed with fear and pain when either targeted, or in the presence of, an Esper control pod that had artificially induced the Prafka effect, where in one instance she was knocked unconscious while in the midst of piloting a TSF.

In addition, Esper control pods remain sensitive to overuse or mental proximity to other Espers, as shown when the same pod that overwhelmed Inia Sestina lost control of itself, losing its Nastroyka effect as well as its control over the slaved TSFs. The pod's mental strength, as well as the lasting Nastroyka effect, was enough to literally tear the normal human pilot in the TSF's second seat to shreds.



  • Prafka could be derived from the Russian word "Правка" which means 'Correction'. It is unknown what this is supposed to imply.

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