A USA-based Jump Unit manufacturer, along with General Electronics.

Compared to General Electronics, many of Pratt & Witney's engines are used for more advanced TSFs, starting from the 2nd generation F-16 Fighting Falcon. P. & W. engines are also seldom used by foreign manufacturers in their TSFs, in contrast with the overseas proliferation of G.E. engines by means of exported TSFs and their derivative designs.


  • FE100-PW-100
Engine model used for the Jump Units of the F-16 Fighting Falcon and the Lavi, the F-16's sister unit. The engine design used for its' other derivative designs are unknown.
  • FE100-PW-200
Engine model used for the Jump Units of the F-15 Eagle. No distinction has been made in engine type between the F-15A/B and F-15C/D.
  • FE100-PW-220
Engine model used for the Jump Units of the F-15E Strike Eagle.
  • FEb114-PW-100
Engine model used for the Jump Units of the F-15 ACTV Active Eagle.
  • YFE119-PW-100
An engine model first tested on YF-22 X22YX, YF-22 Prototype Unit 1, and PAV-2 "Grey Ghost", YF-23 Prototype Unit 2. At the conclusion of the ATSF Program, it was selected over its competitor model, General Electronics' YFE120-GE-100, which was equipped on the YF-22 Prototype Unit 2, to become the basis for the F-22A Raptor's engine system.
  • FE119-PW-100
Mass-production model developed from the YFE119-PW-10, the FE-119-PW-100 is used on both the F-22A Raptor EMD Phase2 and the F-22A Raptor.
  • FE133-PW-100
Engine model used in the joint US-Japan XFJ Program. The FE133-PW-100 was equipped on the XFJ-01b Shiranui Second Phase 2 Unit 2, in contrast to the XFJ-01a Shiranui Second Unit 1, which used General Electronic's FE140-GE-100 model for its Jump Unit engines.
  • FE135-PW-600
Engine model used for the F-35 Lightning II.


  • Like the vast majority of Muv-Luv's military equipment manufacturers, Pratts and Witney is based off the real-world Pratt & Whitney corporation.

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