Project 1.42/1.44
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Manufacturer(s) Mikoyam Guluvich
Generation 3rd Generation
Role Advanced Prototype Fighter
Engines ALS-31

Developed by Mikoyam Guluvich, the MiG Project 1.42/1.44 was a next-generation prototype Tactical Surface Fighter.


In light of the near-failure of the MiG-23 and the barely-acceptable performance of the MiG-27, coupled with the introduction of the Advanced Tactical Surface Fighter project in the USA, the Mikoyam Guluvich design bureau started on a new plan to produce a multi-role Tactical Surface Fighter capable of matching 3rd generation TSF performance standards. The Project 1.42/1.44 was a direct result of that.

Both the 1.42 and 1.44 designs had different frame shaping, with a noted differing performance in unit stealth between the two. Eventually, at least one prototype was built in 1994, gaining the designation of 1.44.


No other news are available about its deployment other than its initial showcasing in 1994; the 1.42/1.44 did not enter mass-production in any way or form.