Ruitare-slaying head unit

For the future of Europe.

The Rain Dancers are a unit put together for the main purpose of testing the ESFP, the pre-production variant of the EF-2000 Typhoon. In order to garner the support of the European Union for the EF-2000 and prevent its loss to the F-15 Eagle, the United Kingdom and Euro Fightas, the EF-2000's manufacturer, put together the Rain Dancers and pressed them into service as a United Nations special forces squadron in order to prove the worth of the ESFP in live combat action. For reasons unknown, the members of the Rain Dancers were selected under the same criteria as those of the UN's Special Task Force A-01.

The Rain Dancers operate from the HMS Duke of Edinburgh and HMS Ark Royal, UK carriers provided to them as part and parcel of their decisive mission. Their area of operations range from the North Sea to the Mediterranean, and even the Suez Canal, when the situation calls for them.

The combat data that the Rain Dancers gathered and the ESFP's performance on the battlefields eventually helped the European Union to decide on the EF-2000 as its next-generation TSF, edging out the F-15 Eagle, as a primary TSF, from the European market. As of 2001, many of the Rain Dancers are still in the European Union as pilot instructors for the EF-2000.

In combat, the Rain Dancers operate ESFPs and Tornado ADVs, despite theoretical disadvantages regarding mixed-type formations. The ESFPs usually engage in frontline combat, and are supported by Tornado ADVs from behind.

Operation DatesEdit

  • ~November, 1995: The Rain Dancers participate in Operation Bootstrap, a series of large anti-BETA interception operations on the southern Italian peninsula. Working alongside them are the Italian Navy's 521st Tactical Armored Battalion and various other UN/EU naval, land, and TSF forces.
  • May 25th, 2001: Assigned as artillery backup for the Middle Eastern Coalition's Azriel Test Flight during the latter's intelligence-gathering mission in the northern regions of the Syrian Desert.


A PlatoonEdit

  • Captain Hugh Winston (Dancer-1)
  • Lieutenant Monica Giacosa (Dancer-2)
  • 2nd Lieutenant Rachael Knightley (Dancer-3)
  • 2nd Lieutenant Franco Versace (Dancer-4)
Born in Milan, Italy.

B PlatoonEdit

  • Lieutenant Graham Austin (Dancer-5)
The 2IC of Captain Winston. He commands a separate unit of four EF-2000s and two Tornado ADVs.

C PlatoonEdit

Squad C1Edit

Under the command of Captain Hugh Winston, they operate Tornado ADVs in support fire capacity, and are usually outfitted with Missile Containers for that purpose.

  • 2nd Lieutenant Nadia Mansell (Dancer-9)
Born in East Germany. She tends to be a bit rough around the edges, and speaks the same way.
  • 2nd Lieutenant Pablo Martinez (Dancer-10)
Refers to Nadia as "Big Sis", and is often the subject of her verbal jabs. Has athlete's foot.

Squad C2Edit

Under the command of Lieutenant Austin Graham.

Personnel RosterEdit

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