Red Shift is an anti-BETA countermeasure set up by the United States of America near Yukon Base.

Red Shift is a final defence line, to be activated as a last resort if the territory of Alaska has been deemed lost to the BETA advance. If the number of large BETA strains crossing the line reach a certain limit, over two hundred buried hydrogen bombs, each described as "the size of the Tsar Bomba" will detonate. This will destroy the invading BETA and create an artificial strait that will be used as a new defense line.

Assuming that a BETA invasion would have taken most of West Alaska, and given that most of the Soviet Union's facilities and government have been relocated to Alaska, Red Shift's activation, which will consume more than half of the Soviet's remaining territory after all this, will likely result in the collapse of the communist supernation as an organization.

It is unknown whether the plan was made before half of Alaska was leased to the Soviets.

The RLF revealed its existence of Red Shift to the world on the 21st of September, 2001, after their attack and takeover of Yukon Base. 


  • Like other plans made by AMERICA, it involves the copious use of  strategic weapons, and screwing everyone else over just so BETA don't get close at all. The difference is that this is on a smaller scale and is defensive in nature. (If the BETA reach the line, then it means the Soviets have all gotten CHOMP'd and NOM'd).
  • Yoshimune Kouki mentioned on Twitter that Red Shift involves several thousand 超ツァーリボム type hydrogen bombs. Link


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