VLCpic-Murder God Face

The Takemikazuchi, you probably need to expand the pic to see it

Most Tactical Surface Fighter (TSF) have humanoid eye(s) that stare at you, most easily seen with TSF with blade faces. But there are times when the head design and your perspective make it seem like its staring at you with a very human-like and scary Stare.

The most menacing and obscure version of this is where the TSF has small beady human eyes that are really demon like. This is mostly observed with the famous Type-00R Takemikazuchi, which is specifically design to bring this out. You can kinda see this with the Typhoon as well.

Chinese TSF can't do this due to having a simple round Bug head.

In HumansEdit

Eishi themselves have thier own, more elaborate version of this.

When an Eishi's Determination and Serene Mind values are high enough in a given moment, the lasers of their Fortified Suit's Retinal Projectors are visible to an observer.


Tactical Surface FightersEdit


How to RespondEdit

When you see it happen, you know that TSF is going to murder you. React accordingly: FEAR (EG F---K Everything And RUN)

This goes for the Human version as well.

Other/Similar Examples in Other Multi/Uni-versesEdit

  • Almost anything with a Mono-Eye (Zaku head) sensor.
  • An EVA unit, especially when Berserk.

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