While airspace may be closed to all forms of human traffic, space is not, and these trans-atmospheric shuttles allow humanity to maintain a foothold in space by shuttling personnel and supplies back and forth. The creation of the Orbital Diver Corps and associated materials, equipment, and tactics has also given humanity a new edge against the BETA.

Escape ShuttleEdit


(MLA) Escape shuttle, top view.

A medium-sized flight-capable shuttle used as an escape craft, stored in the interior housing of the XG-70d Susanoo Unit 4. The shuttle is capable of both operation in space and in the atmosphere of Earth. Heat-resistant panels are used to line its underside to allow it to re-enter the atmosphere without aid, and its vertical stabilizers can be folded for easier storage in an Armored Capsule. Its size is roughly the same as that of the Space Shuttles used during humanity's exploration of space prior to the outbreak of the BETA War.

Hyper Surface Shuttle TransporterEdit

Banana boat


A large-scale trans-atmospheric shuttle, the HSST is built to shuttle supplies and people up to space in bulk. The craft are designed to be manned by a small crew, with generally a primary pilot and co-pilot; both pilots are trained to not only handle the craft but also to coordinate with their orbital diver compliment for drop operations.

Most commonly used for orbital drop operations, the HSST can carry a single set of Re-entry Shells up into space, with each shell holding a single TSF and pilot. During combat operations involving Orbital Divers, several HSSTs within a fleet may be armed with orbital bombardment munitions; these are usually AL warheads.

The HSST is usually launched with the aid of booster rockets to get it up to the required altitude, although it has no problems re-entering the atmosphere and landing on its own power. It is also sometimes referred to as a 'Re-entry Destroyer'.

Colony ShipEdit


A colony ship under construction.

Large-scale long-distance colonization spaceships, design to transport the remainder of the human race to a distant star system as part of the Alternative V plan. Several dozen were built. They are able to traverse the multi-light-year journey using technology derived from G-Elements.

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