Manufacturer(s) Sufoni
Generation 1st Generation

A 1st generation Tactical Surface Fighter of the Soviet Union, the Su-11 was Sufoni's first attempt at domestic manufacturing of TSFs.


Despite the improvements in close-combat and maneuverability performance that the MiG-21 Balalaika enjoyed over the F-4R Phantom, Soviet military leaders were still unsatisfied with the result, and ordered a replacement TSF to be built based off the F-5 Freedom Fighter's combat and performance data. Despite Sufoni's best efforts, the Su-11 was an inferior product, with all aspects of its performance found to be lower than the MiG-21's.

Failed in competing with MIG-21,Su-11 became a test base,after experimenting for several times, adding folded combat knives at arms and knees,it became an earliest prototype combat TSF,with the code Su-11TM.


Despite being given a production number, the TSF never entered production. Lessons learnt and theories tested in the manufacture of the Su-11 would be further refined in the Su-15.


  • The real-life Su-11 was actually an upgraded version of an earlier Soviet interceptor, the Su-9.