Su-15 Cutout
Manufacturer(s) Sufoni
Generation 1st Generation

A 1st generation Tactical Surface Fighter of the Soviet Union, the Su-15 was the result of Sufoni's continued efforts at domestic manufacturing of TSFs. Despite being an improvement on the Su-11, the Su-15 still failed to meet operational expectations.


Learning from the failures of the Su-11, the Su-15 was vastly improved in terms of combat capabilities, proving itself superior to the F-5 in all aspects. Despite its performance, the design was in direct competition with the MiG-23 Cheburashka; as it had lost the title of the "first purely-domestic production TSF" to the MiG-23, the Su-15's acceptance in the Soviet military suffered a heavy blow.


The TSF never entered mass-production, and as a result Sufoni entered a financial crisis until their success with the Su-27 Zhuravlik.


  • The real-life Su-15 was, unlike its TSF counterpart, a successfully mass-produced interceptor that formed the core of the Soviets' bomber interception capabilities.