Gag Article Edit

Special Vision
Sumika Vision is a special type of visual anomaly that Sumika possess. Closely related to Kouzuki Yuuko's "Love-Nucleus" theory, it amplifies Takeru's attractiveness towards the opposite sex. This effect is further amplified if the universe is in a "high school love-comedy" setting.

Variants Edit

Mitsurugi Meiya is known to possess a similar, if not stronger, variant of this vision. It is also likely that the rest of Squad 207 and their Instructor posses weaker variants of this vision.

Canonical Backing Edit

When Alternative Takeru briefly returned to the Extra Universe, many of the main cast suspected little to nothing that he was an impersonator. Kouzuki Yuuko was the only character to catch him and she remarked that he has become much handsomer than before, yet almost none of the other females noticed any change. This also implies that Yuuko has some resistance to this vision, but that resistance has been proven to be weakened once subjected to causality transfer.

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