Supply Containers.

Supply Containers are crates of ammunition, weapons, and/or fuel, either carried by auxiliary forces or dropped near a force of Tactical Surface Fighters to aid in resupplying them. Usually used to support Orbital Divers and inserted via orbit after the formation of laser-dampening heavy metal clouds, these containers contain rocket thrusters to slow themselves just before impacting the ground.

The crates can be opened from any side for fast access; its equipment rack can also slide out to facilitate autonomous resupplying with a TSF's Mount Pylons.

Their role in the past 30 years of warfare has been proven to be indespensible; they're not limited to use by just Orbital Divers as seen during the Battle of Kyoto, allowing TSFs in all fronts to quickly resupply themselves before the next wave of BETA approach. They are not armored, however, meaning that the supply containers and their cargo, while not targets of interest, can be easily destroyed by an indiscriminate, charging horde of BETA. They are also non-mobile, meaning that a TSF must hold its position while resupplying. An example would be that while grabbing weapons and ammunition might be easy, resupplying fuel might require the area to be cleared first.



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