True Lies is a story included in a Kimi ga Nozomu Eien fandisc. It chronicles the "truth" behind the events of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, Akane Maniax, and Muv-Luv.


After many years, mankind had finally begun to evolve to it's next step, a newtype of humanity.

It was by sheer chance the one Narumi Takayuki, the so called "King of Hetares", managed to awaken as one of these so called newtypes, the "Antenna Humans". It was then, that he met with the Red Führer, (pictured to the right), the leader and most powerfu of the Antenna Humans. Here he learned, deep in the Antenna Human's underground base, that Antenna Humans were being persecuted by various government in order to supress this new more evolved form of humanity.

Shortly after that however, the base was attacked by attacked by special forces operatives led by Umeda, Gohda Jouji, and the Half-Beast Half-Man Daikuuji Ayu. Eventually, all were taken captive.

This would be seemingly be the end of this tale, were it not for the aforementioned Gohda Jouji.

Dissatisfied with the treatment of his beloved Suzumiya Akane, by the hands of the beastial Daikuuji, he appealed to his Bureau Chief, Kouzuki Yuuko to have her removed. This appeal was denied, however, but through a form of communication exclusive to him and Kouzuki, he was challenged and encouraged to rise up on his own and surpass Daikuuji.

He then, after some cryptic words from Umeda, proceeded to a room where a sample "Antenna" was held in a cylinder. Here, he almost came into direct conflict with Daikuuji, were it not for her noticed the presence of a spy in the Cylinder. The spy was none other, than Umeda himself, revealing himself as one of the "Antenna Humans". Just before being eliminated by Daikuuji, Kouzuki entered with the rest of the formerly held captive Antenna Humans, whose combined powers were able to instantly overcome Daikuuji.

Upon her defeat, Daikuuji revealed that an Armada of beings like her were proceeding through space to the Earth to eliminate the rest of the Antenna Humans before they could spread further and evolve enough to rival her species. And then as if from a nightmare, Gohda found himself waking up at the sight of the tree behind Hakuryou.

But it wasn't a dream. Suddenly, Gohda found himself to have awakened as did Yuuko then, Takeo-Pegas shows up, and Gohda is deployed to stop the armada and becomes Tekkumen Blade.

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