Takamura Masatada
篁 祐唯 (タカムラ・マサタダ)

Behold the true face of yolo
Portrait taken of Masatada.

Birthday N/A
Nationality Japanese
Relations Takamura Yui (Daughter), Takamura Senna (Wife), Mira Bridges (Lover), Yuuya Bridges (Son; Out of Wedlock)
Features Short, brown hair w/ two prominent bangs
Amber yellow eyes
Athletic build.
TSF Type-82/F-4J Kai Zuikaku#Type-82F
Voice Actor N/A
Game Appearance Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse (VN)
Manga Appearance N/A
Anime Appearance N/A

Takamura Masatada 篁 祐唯 (タカムラ・マサタダ) is a minor supporting character that appears in Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse. Probably one of the most influential fudai to grace the Empire of Japan.

Worked with Iwaya Eiji on the Zuikaku, and is rumored to be one of the initial designers of the Type-74 PB Blade.

Showa IkarugaEdit

During the Showa Period (more specifically, sometime between the late 70s to before 1982), Masatada was in the United States. He, Iwaya Eiji , Frank Heinemann and Mira Bridges all worked on a joint US-Japan project (while it is not explicitly stated as such, this is almost certainly the Type-82 Zuikaku development program.) During his time there, he and Mira Bridges fell in love and had a romantic dalliance, which ended with Mira suddenly disappearing, and Masatada returning to Japan, heartbroken, not knowing that Mira is pregnant and will give birth to his illegitimate son Yuuya Bridges.

After returning to Japan, he marries Senna, and from their union is born his legitimate daughter Takamura Yui.

Masatada makes no appearances in the Total Eclipse anime, being away during the Battle of Kyoto. He is confirmed to have been present at the Yokohama Hive during Operation Lucifer, and was killed by the G-Bomb deployment. His death had a great impact on his daughter, Yui, who continued to experience vivid flashbacks of the news reporting the G-bomb drop years later.


  • Masatada, traditional dress.
  • Masatada with his wife, Senna.
  • Masatada, in his younger days.
  • He got old...1999.
  • Iwaya, Frank, Masatada, and Mira. 1980's.

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