• Yui in formal Shogunate dress, on the title page of The Imperial Capital Burns.

CG/Anime GalleryEdit

  • Yui, after being flung out of a jeep, during the Yukon Base Incident.
  • Getting proven about her brother.
  • When stranded on the islands around Guadeloupe.
  • Preparing for sortie.
  • "How insolent..."
  • The face of nightmares.
  • Simpler days...
  • The way to a man's heart...
  • Yui's parents, Masatada and Senna.
  • Yui's McGuffin, the bulletproof Takamura pocket watch.
  • Le Takamura Head Tilt, Yui version.
  • Husband and wife, in another loop...
  • Yui reads Integral Works, too.
  • Yui, in full uniform. Leaving for the front, 1998.

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