A map of part of the Earth approximately 100 days after Alternative V.

The Unlimited world after February 23rd, 2004.
  • Most of the world is now covered in Salt Deserts.
  • By Mid 2005, most of Eurasia is underwater due to widespread tsunamis.
  • France and Canada went to war against the United States.
  • Draft age was lowered to 10 years old in the US and for Imperial Japan.
  • Civilians across the globe have rioted due to the poor conditions in which they now must live.
  • BETA are still around.
  • Increase in the Dellinger Effect has made communication satellites nigh useless, and has greatly hindered standard radio communication.

    A map showing part of the extents to which the Salt Deserts cover the world, and how most if not all of mainland Eurasia is underwater.

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