Fighter Squadron 103 (US Navy) insignia 1995

The emblem of the squadron, the Jolly Roger.

The United States Navy 103rd Tactical Surface Fighter Squadron "Jolly Rogers", is a TSF unit of naval aviators part of the 7th Fleet Task Force 70, attached directly to the Theodore Roosevelt, a Nimitz-class TSF carrier. They have a long, celebrated history as an elite unit that has seen battle along the European coastline in the 80's and the mainland of Japan during the BETA's invasion in 1998. They are known to pilot the venerable F-14D Tomcat, a heavy 2nd generation carrier-ready TSF.

As of 1998, they were based out of Apra Naval base, in the US territory of Guam.

The squadron has made appearances in TSFiA, and is mentioned in various Schwarzesmarken, and Alternative materials.

Operation Participation Dates Edit

  • 1982-83: Engaged in multiple culling operations against the BETA near the Baltic, striking from the sea in support of ground units. Made extensive use of AIM-54 Phoenix launchers to engage at long range. Collaborated with East German units, including the 666th TSF squadron.
    • Gdansk, Polish People's Republic (PPR).
    • Bebersee, Federal Republic of Germany (FRG).
  • 1998: Supported JIRG and IJMDF units directly during the Siege of Kyoto, launching from Biwa lake.

Members Edit

Screencap JollyRoger Leader

Jolly Rogers leader, 1983.

None have been currently named.

  • Jolly Roger-1/Jolly Roger-Actual: Squadron leader.

Gallery Edit

  • The F-14D Super Tomcat used by the Jolly Rogers.

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