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The United States Marine Corps' 318th Tactical Surface Fighter Squadron, VMF-318 Black Knives, is a TSF unit of the 12th Marine Tactical Armored Group, 1st Marine TSF Wing of the Third Marine Expeditionary Force. The squadron operates only F-18E Super Hornets, in the colors of the US Marine Corps.

So far, the squadron has only appeared in The Day After.

Operation Participation DatesEdit

  • July 2nd, 2004: The Black Knives participate in the Battle of JFK Naval Base alongside US Navy TSF Squadron VF-133 Raging Busters, holding off the BETA until the final moment. Knives-3, Lilia Kjellberg, is ordered to escape instead.
  • October 18th, 2005: The Black Knives participate in the Defence of Seattle, being one of the first units on the field as a quick-reaction force to slow the tide of the BETA assault. They later join the 66th Tactical Armored Battalion, the 1st Tactical Armor Regiment and various US Army/US Marine Corps elements defending Seattle.
  • December 23rd, 2005: The Black Knives embark on a "training exercise" near the Seattle Food Plant, using a loophole in the US forces' orders of no-intervention to draw off the fire of several insurgent A-6J Wadatsumi, allowing the 1st Tactical Armor Regiment to break through the enemy's killzone.
  • December 24th, 2005: The Black Knives engage in combat alongside the 66th Tactical Armored Battalion, the 1st Tactical Armor Regiment and various US Army/US Navy/US Marine Corps against French/Canadian forces in the 8th Border War.


The squadron's personnel roster has changed drastically, during the short time that they were active after the events of The Day. Initially, the squadron's roster included the following known pilots:

  • Lieutenant Graham Rosenberg: Died during the Great Ocean Collapse. The former squadron leader, his callsign was Knives-1.
  • Lieutenant Daryl A. McManus: Callsign Knives-1, the acting squadron leader.
  • 2nd Lieutenant Wilbert D. Collins: Callsign Knives-2, a member of the Black Knives.
  • 2nd Lieutenant Leonard van Gogh: Died during the Great Ocean Collapse. His callsign is unknown.
  • 2nd Lieutenant Lilia Kjellberg: Callsign Knives-3, she was a rescued survivor that had been incorporated into the squadron, and was formerly from VMF-536 Bloody Knightmare.

Following the losses from the Battle of JFK, the Black Knives were reinforced with new pilots, bringing the roster up to eight pilots, and Lilia Kjellberg promoted and made squadron leader.

  • Lieutenant Lilia Kjellberg: Squadron leader. Callsign Knives-1.

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