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Wolfgang von Brauer

Wolfgang Uniform
Wolfgang, in his dress uniform.

Wolfgang Fortified Suit
Wolfgang, in his fortified suit.

Birthday N/A
Nationality West German
Relations N/A
Features Auburn, short, unkempt hair
green eyes
slim, muscular build.
TSF EF-2000 Typhoon
Voice Actor Takahashi Shinya
Game Appearance Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Aspiration

Muv-Luv Euro FrontEdit

Is in the 44th Battalion, 2nd squadron, 3rd flight Gun Sweeper and holds the rank of lead Lieutenant. Ex- 3rd Squadron but transfered to 2nd because all of his squadrons lead Lieutenant's were KIA right in front of him. He is a junker, but he has a more relaxed attitude.

Adoration EpilogueEdit

Having previously played a prank on Seijyurou which let Seijyurou see the three girls in the showers (giving him pleasant memories), just before Seijyurou left, they made a promise (Manly Vow / Samurai Honor / Knightship Chivalrous Oath) that should Brauer ever come to Japan, Seijyurou would be honor bound to return the favor. Japanese Style.

Image GalleryEdit

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