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Manufacturer(s) Grunnan
Generation Quasi-3rd Generation
Role Technology Demonstrator
Initial Deployment N/A
Engines General Electronics FE404-GE-400

A technology demonstrator intended to showcase a full plethora of 3rd generation technologies to be used in future Tactical Surface Fighters, the X-29 was the first known TSF to be part of the USA's X-series experimental craft.


Developed by NASA, the US Department of Defence, and Grunnan, the X-29 was intended as a testbed for future TSFs. In order to cut costs, the TSF was built with the main frame of the F-5 Freedom Fighter, the leg components of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the Jump Unit engines from the F-18 Hornet, and even went as far as using components from the A-6 Intruder.

The X-29 was used to house various experimental concepts and technologies; most recognizable of those are the forward-swept wings on its Jump Units and the usage of Operation By Light in its internals to improve response time and reduce chances of mechanical failure. Data from the X-29 was later secretly transferred to Sufoni, resulting in the development of the Su-37 Terminator and Su-47 Berkut.

Despite its technological superiority compared to other TSFs of its time, the X-29 is classified as a quasi-3rd-generation unit for convenience's sake.


The X-29 was produced in 1981 and tested by DARPA, a branch of the US Department of Defence.


  • Unlike its Muv-Luv counterpart, the real X-29 was not technologically linked to the real-world Su-37 and Su-47.

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