The Japan-America Joint Tactical Surface Fighter Development Program, the XFJ Program, was approved in 2000 to upgrade the Type-94 Shiranui. it is considered a sub-program of Project PROMINENCE.

Proposed by Lieutenant Colonel Iwaya Eiji to incorporate the United States' latest technologies and raise the standard of Japanese development technology.

The four participating companies are Fugaku, Mitsuhishi Heavy Industries, Kawazaki and Boening. The American company used the expertise they gained in the similar Pheonix Initiative, as such the resulting Shiranui Second bears similarities to the F-15 ACTV Active Eagle.

Performance TargetsEdit

  1. Agility and mobility equal to 3rd generation machines of other countries (Eg. EF-2000 Typhoon, F-22A Raptor, Su-47 Berkut, Type-00 Takemikazuchi)
  2. At least a 30% increase in uptime
  3. Reduction of efficiency decline due to equipment load

Resulting UnitsEdit

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