Aerial GR Unit




14.5 tons

Unit Stats

Mobility: A Rank
Offensive: B Rank
Speed: C Rank
Defensive: C Rank


Air Combat type

Attack Selection

Sword & Punch
Beam Vulcans
Missile Spam


Muv-Luv Extra
Muv-Luv Unlimited Manga
Muv-Luv Alternative Manga
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien: Gundam Parody

Xao-Myun is a GR and the rival unit of Kaizer in the hit video game series Attack Of Cyber-Legion Valgern-On from the Extra universe. It is a GR for more experienced players of the game due to its high mobility and strafing abilities. It is capable of using a few of the unlockable weapons and can be piloted by two people.


Xao-Myun is a high-tier GR when it comes to Movement. Its speed is superior compared to Kaizer's, and it is much more quicker than the Unknown GR.  It is moderately proficient at close-quarters attacks; during ranged assaults it excels at using homing missiles in tandem with its Beam Vulcans. Its dodge and boost abilities are also high-tier, allowing it to circle around its opponents very quickly, giving plenty of options of attack. 

While the Xao-Myun is great at aerial mobility, it suffers from a few known weaknesses. Its Shield defenses are very low so it has to keep moving during combat most of the time to avoid being hit. This becomes a problem since after performing air attacks, it must be given time to recover on the ground, where its follow up attacks aren't that effective when being used by inexperienced players. However more experienced players can avoid this and know exactly how to use its advantages in mobility to avoid most of these attacks before using moves with landing lag time.

On land, its running speed is relatively fast, and requires precise movements to move it exactly where the player wants to. Those unused to its speed may underestimate its movement distances.


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